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Ashton under Lyne Christmas Past & Present

For the majority of the population of this small northern mill town, Christmas is a celebration of all that is good about our society. An Ashton under Lyne Christmas is repeated in cities, towns and villages across a mainly Christian England. We could say the United Kingdom but how Christmas is celebrated in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can have different traditions.Ashton under Lyne Chrsitmas

An Ashton under Lyne Christmas is a time for sharing and family; a time of celebrations and gifts, big and small. I suppose that in a town that was once named the northern Jerusalem; by someone else who said he was a prophet from God. We should look closely at our history and traditions, especially at this time of year. To save you looking this one up the man was John Wroe and his followers; the Christain Israelites wore white robes and paraded through the streets of Ashton under Lyne annually.

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Press Fittings and Pipe for Compressed Air

Press fittings and pipe are available in various materials to cover a multitude of distribution systems. We can offer material that will carry water, gas, chemicals, AdBlue, oils and now compressed air. The fact is our stainless steel

Press Fittings and Pipe

system has always been a carrier of compressed air; and some have used carbon press fittings and pipe for compressed air systems. The issue with using carbon press fittings and pipe is the fact that standard carbon press pipework is only zinc coated on the outside. This means any moisture within a compressed air system could cause corrosion. To read more on press fittings and pipe for compressed air, please click the read more tag.

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Climate Change and Steam Systems

You would not put the words climate change and steam systems together as most people look at steam as something from the past. But steam as a source of heat transfer technology could possibly be one of the cleanest forms of energy available; if the approach to boilers and steam distribution change. Many businesses will look inside their boiler house and see nothing but dirty energy production and a necessary evil. The truth is what people see and what reality could be are a long way from what we have presently.If there was a green alternative that was cost effective for  every industrial process, I don’t believe I would be writing a Blog entitled Climate Change and steam systems.

Many businesses use process steam as their primary source of heat transfer but do very little to look deeper into their systems to see the possibilities. Presently climate change and steam systems march together in the wrong way. My experience is the fact that large amounts of small and some large businesses ignore the dirty truth in search of what they believe are greater profits.  Maintenance of existing steam systems sometimes is little more than fire-fighting. When in truth it should be a priority, when a steam distribution system runs efficiently, costs are reduced, heat transfer increased; and production is more efficient.

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Football in Ashton under Lyne a Short History

Football in Ashton under Lyne takes us right back to 1878 when Hurst Football Club was formed with the earliest recorded report coming in 1879. A game played on the 16th March 1879 against Hurst Red Star FC in their then colours of black and white stripes. The Robins as they are known now were then the Lambs; and remained the lambs until 1923. Hurst FC better knoFootball in Ashton under Lyne wn as Ashton United Football Club played their first games at Holebottom in Smallshaw Ashton under Lyne, the ground was we assume on land adjacent to Holebottom and Coronation Road Ashton under Lyne.

The image shows the Hurst FC team that famously won the first ever staging  of the Manchester Senior Cup in 1885. They beat the then Newton Heath Football Club (Manchester United) 3-0 in the final. In the same season they won a game in the second round of the FA Cup. Only to have the result annulled, losing their place in the third round of the competition; Hurst FC refused to play in a replay of the game. Only seven years later the club folded in 1892 after finishing ninth in the Ashton and District Football League.

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Hidden Pathways of Ashton under Lyne

Hidden PathwaysAshton under Lyne is a sprawling mass of housing and industrial properties, with a growing town centre; amidst excellent transport links to the city of Manchester and beyond. If you take the time to visit us here in Ashton under Lyne and come in by Tram, Bus or Train; the first you see is the back of the local shopping centre and the new college buildings. If you are inclined to shop rather than really visit the town, you have two shopping areas to choose from. The Arcades and the older Ladysmith shopping centres, which have their fair share of high street big names. If though you have come to visit Ashton under Lyne and don’t mind a walk, come and walk the hidden pathways of Ashton under Lyne

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TLV Steam Products Distributor 20th Anniversary

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have reached a milestone as a TLV steam products distributor. We became an Authorised TLV steam products distributor in 1999, in the year where according to many we were heading for millennium disaster. As it turned out this became a poignant moment in the history of our business and its staff. It is the year we started our transformation from being a valve and pipeline supplier to be a specialist in process steam products. Training led to increased product knowledge and understanding which took us out of the works stores and into the factories.TLV Steam Products Distributor

Then over the coming years, experience allowed us greater involvement in process steam, working with contractors and end users. We are very proud of our track record in steam distribution having made changes on many sites that have improved production outcomes; and seen reductions in energy costs. Our remit as a supplier is as it should be, to satisfy customer requirements in the most economical and efficient way possible. We aren’t by any stretch of the imagination designers of steam systems; but we do have the know how and understanding to offer advice on many aspects of process steam.

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Quick Trap Systems Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Quick trap sets for the installation of dirt pockets on process steam lines can be seen as an expensive option. If you look at the quick trap systems available presently you can see why it looks that way. Consider that one major UK manufacture recently quoted (March 2019) almost £900 for multiple quick trap systems with double block and bleed; and that price didn’t include the steam trap. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we felt that there is a gap in the market for a reasonably priced fabricated version of quick trap systems.

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Walking in Ashton under Lyne Branch Line

Not far from my home and of course Besseges (Valves, Tubes and Fittings) Ltd is one of the best ways of enjoying walking in Ashton under Lyne. In days gone by there was once a railway track that ran from Ashton under Lyne to Oldham; via Park Bridge Iron and Steel Works. This particular Branch line serviced Oldham Road railway Station on the Oldham, Ashton and Guide Bridge Railway. The Line ran from London Road Manchester (Piccadilly) via Guide Bridge to Clegg Street Oldham. The line was fully open in 1861 and even serviced Ashton Moss railway Station which closed a year later in 1862.Walking in Ashton under Lyne

This railway branch line was open to passengers till 1959 and closed completely in 1967 as a goods line. I had a conversation with a local man several years ago and he told me how as a child in the 1950s he stood on the exit to the tunnel on Turner Lane. Him and his friends used to drop the class pop bottles into the steam locomotive chimney and watch them blast back out with a bang. I am certain that this would have been frowned upon then and be viewed a criminal now; but am also certain that it was done in complete innocence.

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Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier Manchester

Having now written around 200 Blogs on the subjects associated with a valves tubes and fittings supplier; I have to say I cannot be sure that the task can take anymore material. We are an amazing business with excellent staff and a forward looking management team. I am very proud to be part of that management team having been part of the process that has grown our business into what it is today. The truth is though, what makes our company the excellent business that it is; are all the people that are Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd.Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier

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Ashton under Lyne Murder on Turner Lane

Ashton under Lyne has many famous people in its long history, seeing events that are part of the fabric of the industrial north. The Chartists came and went, murdering a police officer here in the town, some paying for their crime and others not. About the same period as this in Bolton Lancashire a baby was born, Mary Ann Hague born 1847. Who could have ever known that this child of Bolton would turn into one of Ashton’s most infamous residents; reportedly killing her own daughter in cold blood.Ashton under Lyne

Mary Ann Hague would become later in her life a convicted killer and Ashton under Lyne’s first and only serial murderer. If there are any more serial killers in the history of this historic town, I am not presently aware for them. It appears that Mary Ann married at the age of 19 years to Thomas Britland and man of 24 years. The marriage produced two daughters Elizabeth and Susannah Britland and at some point, in their history they became residents of Ashton under Lyne.

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