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Ashton under Lyne Murder on Turner Lane

Ashton under Lyne has many famous people in its long history, seeing events that are part of the fabric of the industrial north. The Chartists came and went, murdering a police officer here in the town, some paying for their crime and others not. About the same period as this in Bolton Lancashire a baby was born, Mary Ann Hague born 1847. Who could have ever known that this child of Bolton would turn into one of Ashton’s most infamous residents; reportedly killing her own daughter in cold blood.Ashton under Lyne

Mary Ann Hague would become later in her life a convicted killer and Ashton under Lyne’s first and only serial murderer. If there are any more serial killers in the history of this historic town, I am not presently aware for them. It appears that Mary Ann married at the age of 19 years to Thomas Britland and man of 24 years. The marriage produced two daughters Elizabeth and Susannah Britland and at some point, in their history they became residents of Ashton under Lyne.

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Tameside Vision Could be very Expensive

Tameside the Carillion Initiative 

For many years local businesses were bombarded by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council with meetings and forums with Carillion. Our business when the constructor first appeared in Tameside attended many of these meetings and get togethers. So that we could as a Tameside merchant supply for future projects in the Borough; and prosper from this new investment in Schools and other public buildings.Tameside

The story though was all to familiar for many local companies, the promise land of supplying Carillion contractors was a dud. The reward for hours and hours of meetings and putting together quotes was a paltry £1200 worth of orders for our business. The reason behind this was the fact that the goal post were constantly being moved. We were told initially that to supply for these new contracts; suppliers needed to be within a ten mile radius of the borough of Tameside.

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Ashton-under-Lyne Victory and Tears

With the end of a conflict that shattered Europe and the World, came the aftermath of such a monumental event. Local Industry here in Ashton-under-Lyne and beyond that had worked to feed the war effort with goods for soldiers and fighting; had the unenviable task of changing back to peace time manufacturing.Ashton-under-Lyne

Ashton-under-Lyne having already paid a high price just over a year earlier with the explosive’s factory accident killing and maiming so many of its residents. Add to this the fact that 1514 of its young men never came home and their loss scarred the town for decades after. There cannot have been a single family in Ashton that wasn’t affected by the tragedy and heartbreak of war on a monumental scale.

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Manchester Pipeline Supplier Quality Assured

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are a Manchester pipeline supplier based just outside the City; close to Junction 23 of the M60. We have operated for just over thirty years, under a management team which has been here almost from the start. The current Managing Director just celebrated a thirtieth anniversary with the business, with her support team following closely behind with over twenty nine years each. This continuity with the management team and our staff are what’s made our business a successful Manchester pipeline supplier.

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd opened its doors as a Manchester pipeline supplier on the 1st October 1988 with only the present MD and two others. Our warehouse and trade counter were a small part of James Howe Mill, Ashton under Lyne. The same space presently Manchester Pipeline Supplierholds our stock of welding fittings and some of our valve stock; the tube wrack was in the mill yard. Thirty years have changed our business beyond all recognition; two warehouses are barely large enough to hold the stock required. Three people are now seventeen including our directors, which is likely to become eighteen in the coming months; to read more about our business, carry on reading this Blog.

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My Commercial Blogging The Story So Far

Unexpectedly in July 2012 I became a Blogger, the original idea being that working with my colleagues; I would write one in five of our Website Blogs. We were given some pointers on what to write and what kind of content should be covered so we could improve our Search Engine Optimisation. That lasted for five Blogs and after five whole weeks, the Blogs became my sole responsibility and the story of my commercial blogging began.My Commercial Blogging

What was missing in the beginning was not about what to write as we had an entire product range to talk about. The thing that was missing in the beginning and for all I know it could still be missing now. Is the how of writing them, last time I had written anything meaningful that resembled a Blog was for O Level English and they were called essays; in the 1970s nobody had any concept of what a Blog was or even a Website.

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The Great War the Beginning of the End

By 1918 Ashton under Lyne had lost over 1500 men in The Great War, each life lost is its own tragedy. Families lost Fathers, Sons, Husbands and Brothers in a terrible conflict that was named the war to end all wars by the author H G Wells. As it turned out the human race have not shaken off its capacity for conflict even a century later.

The Great War

The War Memorial in Ashton under Lyne has a total of 1814 names forged in bronze, 1514 of those names died in World War One; nearly 3.5% of the total population at the time. But if you compare the 1911 census with the 1921 census; Ashton under Lyne lost around 15% of its male population who were of a fighting age.  I hope this year that all that can, attend the laying of the Wreaths across the United Kingdom, to remember their fallen relatives.

If you read our last Blog on the Great War, you will be aware that on the 21st March 1918 the German Army attacked British positions on Manchester Hill. This attack was the first of many between March and July 1918, the intension being a decisive set of operations to punch a hole in the allied trench lines. Despite making ground and winning some victories; the end result was little more than had been achieved by either side in so many futile attacks on embedded trench positions.

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Copper Press Fittings Buy M-Press Quality

Copper press fittings from M-Press are available from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and at www.valvestubesfittings.com This versatile quality product can be purchased via our sales team or through the afore mentioned E-Commerce site at very competitive prices. M-Press copper press fittings have all the approvals held by our competitors at Geberit, Sanha and V-Press.Copper Press Fittings

To add to the excellent service that M-Press offer as a manufacturer, they have added a warranty insurance that covers a system fitted with M-Press and those of any other manufacturer. So, whether you add M-Press to an existing copper press fittings system or you add another manufacturer to another M-Press press system; the M-Press warranty covers the pipework system.

So, if a fittings fails and has been installed correctly to the parameters laid down by M-Press; their warranty gives peace of mind for the contractor and the End User. Contact us for a set of terms and conditions and we will furnish you with the information provided by M-Press Ltd in the United Kingdom; or just contact us to arrange your next site delivery. For further information on copper press fittings M-Press brand click read more.

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Stainless Steel Press Fit M-Press Brand

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are the Northwest’s leading distributor of stainless steel press fittings from M-Press; as well as offering carbon and copper fittings. To cement our place as an M-Press distributor we have like M-Press increased our stock levels; we now include 67mm to 108mm stainless steel press fittings and tube.Stainless steel press While M-Press at their West Yorkshire warehouse have invested a great deal in new stock; presently M-Press are carrying over £900,000.00 of product and intend to increase this further this year and next year. Look out for new products due in January 2019 when M-Press will launch a range of M-Press press valves; which will include some WRAS and gas approved products. By 2019 M-Press, one of the market leaders will hold over £1m worth of stock for UK contractors. Click read more for further information on stainless steel press products.

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Fastclamp Handrail One Product, many Solutions

Besseges (Valve, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have offered handrailing solutions for over two decades. For the past decade we have been associated with Fastclamp Handrail as one of their leading North of England distributors. This versatile range of tubular handrail has many possibilities in many applications; safety rails, shopping trolley bays, sports installations, clothing rails and sports nets just to name a few.Fastclamp Handrail

To ensure a good quality safe installation as well as offering Fastclamp handrail we provide galvanised tube to BS EN 10255:2004. Our tubular products are sourced from European manufacturers, ensuring quality is maintained and certification where required is available. This latest Blog on handrail products will explore the standard and the non-standard uses of Fastclamp handrail. To continue reading just click read more or for stock availability and or prices; contact our sales team.

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Steam for Brewing Perfect Ale

The perfect pint of real ale or even a really good pint of the of beer for those that love their CAMRA pubs and bars; is an art in itself for those that produce Ales and Beers the World over. The key is to produce something that is special to different groups of growing ale connoisseurs. Clearly, we aren’t all Connoisseurs, although many of us would like to think we are; myself included. Ale producers use all their knowledge to brew great beer. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes and Fittings) Ltd we use all our knowledge; to ensure they have controlled and efficient steam for brewing the perfect ale.steam for brewing

Apart from all the wonderful ingredients required to brew the best IPA, APA, or session ale, steam for brewing the best beers; should be controlled and measured as well. In our experience, ale and beer producers don’t always give the same attention to their steam system as they do to the process of brewing. The truth is they are experts on producing great beer, but often don’t know how best to control heat transfer. This is where specialist steam suppliers like ourselves come into our own; we can fill the gaps in their knowledge and aid in producing efficient dry steam that will improve the entire process. To continue reading this Blog on steam for brewing click read more or for more inforamtion on our products, contact our technical sales team.

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