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Process Steam, Quality versus Price!

In recent weeks we have worked with a small minority of our customer base who install process steam systems who have come back to us and said we can buy these products cheaper at other suppliers. Now without mentioning the names of these other manufacturers and their distributors the truth is you can always buy inferior products at cheaper prices and for those contractors that work this way they tend to win some installations. But are they ever asked to return to do the next install after the end user has seen his new or existing process steam system deteriorate and the cheaper alternatives to quality process steam products fail. The truth is when you install an inferior steam trap how do you know whether it’s functioning correctly or not or is it correctly sized. We have seen many instances over many years where steam traps were sized incorrectly and were completely inadequate for the process steam system they were installed on. As a TLV distributor we have the confidence in the product to be sure that when we have been involved with the product specification we are certain that the end user will have an efficient and viable product for the long term. Basically what you saved on the original installation will be spent again and again replacing poor and inadequate process steam products and for the downtime, till you eventually get the system you wanted in the first place. Best practice and product quality is the key to energy efficient and easily maintainable process steam system, any other solution involving poor quality cheap process steam products is just false economy. Worse than this is the fact that many businesses supplying and or fitting these products offer insignificant savings and they often lack the product understanding essential for process steam installations. Please contact us for the all your process steam ancillaries.

Process Steam

Process Steam, Quality Every Time!

As one of the United Kingdom’s leading TLV distributors of process steam products we are certain that we can offer the right product, the right quality for every installation. We are proud of our achievements in process steam, working with contractors and end users on new and existing installations and always exceeding their expectations. Some of our recent works have included replacing a poorly performing control system for an existing steam to water heat exchanger. Since we completed these works with the end user they have had no issues and have seen huge improvements in process steam outcomes. The original installation was specified by one of our most well-known competitors and the valve specified just wasn’t the right choice. The reason they were used to complete these work was just simply that they weren’t aware there was a viable alternative. Other works have included advice to a number of corrugated paper plants, new plant at a leading paper coating business and a major refurbishment project at a large food processing site. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd is the first choice for process steam ancillaries, please contact our technical sales team to discuss your next project, we can offer products that will improve process steam systems, reduce energy usage and always offer quality process steam products that will be an asset to any process steam system. We look forward to hearing from you now and in the future.

Process Steam