Aluminium or Galvanised Tube for your Compressed Air Lines

At the present time every Compressor House seems to have jumped on the modular aluminium pipe system band wagon to carry your compressed air with slogans about speed of installation and it’s so much lighter than Galvanised Tube, but in the end does it offer you the solution or alternative that your Business was never looking for.  For many decades the only solution for your compressed air needs was Galvanised Tube, in the old days to BS1387:1985 and now to BS EN 10255:2004. As the purchaser you have to decide whether what you are being offered is required and is the price worth paying, for more information on both products please contact us and let us find the right product at the right price and aid your business to make an informed decision. Please read on.

To help in this mine field of new products here are a few words of advice, when you are looking to install a completely new system will the lightweight aluminium alternative suit your premises. If the tube is to be installed out of reach of personnel and heavy plant then aluminium would seem the better choice as installation would be quicker and easier when lifting the lighter tube in position, the only issue to be considered then is the cost and whether the extra cost of the fittings is economical and does indeed save money. For those companies expanding existing compressed air systems, look at what you have already got. Is your present system made up of Galvanised Tubes to BS EN 10255:2004 and if so why then install anything different to what you already have. If the system has served you well for years past why change when the same quality Galvanised Tube will continue to serve you well in the future. Other issues to consider in these circumstances are carrying spare Galvanised Tubes and Pipe Fittings, extending an existing system in aluminium tube and fittings will result in carrying two sets of spares in the future which will also take up extra space in your premises workshop.

So when considering what to do in the future we would advise that the solution you are looking for is the one that is right for your business and if you are not sure please contact us for information on all Pipework Systems and we will be glad to help, our technical sales department can offer all the information you’d ever need on all pipework systems including Galvanised Tube to BS EN 10255:2004.