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Are your steam isolation valves up to the job?

At Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we offer high quality steam isolation valves for all process steam applications. From Genebre our three star attractions are the ART 2231 Bellows Sealed Stop Valve, the ART 2025 stainless steel three piece ball valve and the ART 2025HT stainless steel three piece ball valve. In addition to this range we can also offer any valve from the TLV range which include bellows sealed stop valves with PN25 and PN40 flanges and the BE3L threaded bellows sealed stop valve. For more information on steam isolation valves please click the read on icon or contact our sales team who can provide more information, stock availability and data sheets on all these products and more.

Steam Isolation Valves Genebre ART 2231 Bellows Sealed Stop Valve

Steam Isolation Valves ART 2231 Bellows Sealed Stop Valves

Firstly for quality in steam isolation valves a look at our Article 2231 carbon steel GS-C25 (WCB) Bellows Sealed Stop Valve complete with stainless steel 304 bellow material and graphite gaskets and packing. This high quality valve is available from ½” (15mm) nominal bore to 8” (200mm) nominal bore flanged PN16 with a maximum working temperature of 350’C. You can be assured of a tight shut off and long working life from this Genebre Valve. Please contact our Sales Team for stock and delivery.

Steam Isolation Valves Bellows Sealed Stop Valve ART 2231

Steam Isolation Valves ART 2025 Stainless Steel Ball Valve


Our second and third options are for an assured tight shut off valve would be the Genebre Article 2025 316 Stainless Steel three piece Ball Valve and the ART 2025HT available from ¼” (8mm) nominal bore to 4” (100mm) nominal bore. The standard valve ART 2025 is available with 15% graphite filled PTFE seats and seals covering a maximum temperature of 180’C or the ART 2025HT is available with 25% graphite filled PTFE seats and seals covering a maximum temperature of 260’C. Flanged versions of these valves can also be used for isolation of Steam and Condense lines and if required for surety when installing double block and bleed systems in conjunction with the ART 2231 Bellow Sealed Stop Valves.
Steam Isolation Valves Genebre ART 2025 Stainless Steel Ball Valve

All the valves we have high-lighted in this Blog are of the highest quality and available from stock. We can offer the Article 2025 in versions with NPT threads, welded or socket weld ends and if required fully actuated valves can be built to order, double acting or spring return, these can include solenoid valves and open and shut indicators if required. To install all these products we can provide pipe fittings, flanges and tube to all specifications. For further information contact us or download the Genebre Industrial Catalogue on our Downloads and Calculators page.

Steam Isolation Valves from Genebre & Albion