Ball Valves for Process Steam & Higher Temperatures

We would like to announce our Launch of a new range of Genebre stainless steel ball valves the ART 2025HT. This ball valve with its replacement 25% carbon filled PTFE seats and seals can operate at temperatures up to and including 260’C. This versatile Ball Valve is available in a manual edition, actuated to your requirements or with the thermal extension for manual or actuated ball valves. For more information on this versatile stainless steel ball valve, please read on or contact our knowledgeable sales team today.

Ball Valves ART 2025HT Genebre

Ball Valves in Stainless Steel ART 2025HT

The ART 2025 and ART 2025HT Stainless Steel Ball Valves are available from stock from 8mm (1/4”) to 50mm (2”) and the ART 2025 is also available from stock in 65mm (2 ½”) and 80mm (3”), these larger valves are also available as ART 2025HT Stainless Steel Ball Valves to order. This range of valves can be used on many areas of hot systems and process steam systems and with the thermal extension for the handle are very operator friendly for use as a manual shut off valve for such as steam coils and or dirt pocket blow down valves. See the layout sketch below, valve E on the two Relay Point Dirt Pockets.

Customer Steam & Water Heating and Cooling System

The above sketch was provided to guide our customer through the installation to be done by their own Engineers and the material required for this was being delivered as this Blog was being written. If you would like our assistance with any information on your current or future installations and projects, please contact our technical sales team today to see what we can offer your business.

Bellows Sealed Stop Valve ART 2231

For further information on TSM Kits or thermal extension kits for our range of manual ball valves or actuated ball valves please contact us to discuss your requirements, we can offer a complete range of valves in other materials such as carbon steel, brass, bronze and plastics to suit any and all requirements. The following downloads are also available on this Website Genebre Industrial Catalogue, Genebre Hydrosanitary Catalogue and the Albion Product Catalogue 2013 is available through our sales office. Just follow the links on the text to go straight to the Downloads & Calculators page.