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Sir Ralphe De Assheton Black Knight

What is History, but a fable agreed upon.

The sub-title of this piece is a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte and summed up in the words used by Winston Churchill telling us that the victors, write history. This is probably true when reading the history of the once Knight of the Realm from Ashton under Lyne. Sir Ralphe De Assheton who was murdered 4th April 1486 in Ashton under Lyne by persons unknown.Sir Ralphe De Assheton

His death was celebrated by the Ashton under Lyne community for centuries afterwards. As Sir Ralphe was in fact the seemingly infamous Black Knight of Ashton under Lyne and the celebration was originally known as the Riding of the Black Lad; later becoming the Black Knight Pageant. What I want to explore is whether this history is in fact a fable, written by the victors of the Wars of the Roses. This despite the fact that Sir Ralphe was in fact pardoned by King Henry VII.

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Copper Press Fittings M-Press Brand

Copper Press Fittings Copper press fittings are not something new to our business, we have offered M-Press copper fittings as a distributor for many years. Carrying stock in 15mm to 54mm sizes, what has changed is our size range and stock. We can now offer 67mm to 108mm M-Press copper press fittings, which includes 76mm and 88.9mm sizes. We can also offer the same range in 316 stainless steel, providing our customer base with multiple choices when installing heating and gas systems. Additionally, as previously announced, we carry the M-Press AquaGas range of copper press fittings, suitable for water and gas installations. This range can also be used on domestic pipework systems, offering a simple solution that covers new build projects.

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The Age of Steam in Ashton under Lyne

The age of steam in Ashton did not just begin with the arrival of the railways in the Northwest of England. The first railways to pass through the town arrived in the early 1840s; but the age of steam in Ashton arrived a century sooner. With the commissioning of a Newcomen Engine to pump out the water from   Fairbottom Colliery built between 1730 and 1750, drawing water 61 metres; to prevent the mine from flooding.The age of steam in Ashton

The Newcomen Engine named Fairbottom Bobs that could be found, close to Park Bridge in Ashton under Lyne. Was purchased in 1927 by Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company and is still in operation at The Henry Ford Museum, Michigan in the United States. Sadly, a piece of our history that heralded the age of steam in Ashton, lost to the community. Although looking how we still treat history in the local area; it may have saved the Newcomen Engine from oblivion. Read More »

BSP Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings ISO 4144:2003

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have offered BSP stainless steel pipe fittings from stock for thirty years. We carry a wide range of this quality product in stock at our warehouse in Ashton under Lyne. The issue as the writer of our Blogs, is to come up with a piece of writing that people may want to read on the subject of BSP stainless steel pipe fittings. How do you make what is a good product not sound mundane when it is something so common place and practical? It is not like you can tell a joke about the stainless fitting that walked into a pub and BSP Stainless Steel Pipe Fittingsstarted a chat; only to realise it had lost the thread of the conversation.

If I had told that joke, it is very unlikely that anyone would read any of my blogs again, how many of you even got to this line. For those that did, thank you for your patience and I hope you find the rest less disappointing. In the main we are a distributor of Genebre BSP stainless steel pipe fittings and offer a wide range of types and sizes. We carry stock from sizes ⅛” (6mm) to 4” (100mm) nominal bore, for those that do not recognise nominal bore, put simply it is the size not but the exact size. For instance, 1½” (40mm) nominal bore is 48.3mm od tube with an id of around 42mm depending on the wall thickness.

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Malleable Iron Fittings BS EN 10242:1995

Malleable Iron fittingsBesseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have been a distributor of malleable iron fittings for over thirty years. We have always endeavoured to stock quality pipe fittings since our days as a Trade Counter in James Howe Mill. Over that time, our business has grown into one of the largest stockists of threaded BSP pipe fittings in the area. For the past twenty years or more we have carried Kite Marked fittings manufactured by Jinan Meide. A business that are one of the largest producers of cast malleable iron products in the world, producing more than 200,000 tons of cast products per year. Jinan Meide malleable cast products are supplied into over sixty countries worldwide and carry the quality standards required. In the UK, our stocked Jinan Meide BSP malleable Iron threaded products are to BS EN 10242:1995 and carry the Kite Mark.

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Hartshead Pike Ashton under Lyne

King Canute Hartshead Pike Ashton under Lyne is the hill itself, which has a stone tower at its summit. Before we explore the history of the tower that sits atop of this hill, the history of the summit itself has a great deal to offer. It has been suggested that the original stone monument at the summit of Hartshead Pike was in fact. A tribute to King Knut (Canute) of England who is reputed to have visited the area in the 11th Century. Locally there is other evidence to support this theory, with areas named Knott Lanes and Knott Hill. Knott Hill is in fact overlooked by Hartshead pike and so ideal for a monument to a King, one who brought a golden age to England. King Knut reigned over England from 1016 to 1035, bringing law, stability, and prosperity to our shores.

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Domestic Copper Press Fittings from M-Press

Installing soldered or compression fittings in conjunction with copper tube can be a time-consuming task. In terms of labour costs, this can be the dDomestic Copper Press Fittingsifference between winning and losing larger installation costs. If your business is tasked with installing fifty central heating and domestic water systems. The costs would spiral and the businesses with lower overheads, would make you uncompetitive. The key therefore is to reduce installation time dramatically by looking for an alternative that if installed correctly. Offers a leak free guarantee and a warranty of thirty years, the product that can offer this are M-Press domestic copper press fittings.

Copper press fittings are aesthetically more pleasing than push-fit plastic pipe systems. They provide the homeowner with peace of mind and the proven quality of a copper water system. Although domestic copper press fittings were not available at the time, the ancient Egyptians were the first to use copper to transport domestic water. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and valvestubesfittings.com we can provide fittings for domestic water and gas boiler installations. Contact our sales team for more information on M-Press copper press fittings

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Steam Pipe Supplier Steam Specialist

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are the only steam pipe supplier you need; we have been a specialist supplier of process steam products for nearly two decades, servicing end user and contractor requirements above and beyond their expectations. As a leading steam pipe supplier we work with our customer base to ensure what we supply is the right product for their process steam system and more often than not we are the one’s asking the questions and don’t always take it as read that what we are being asked for is correct. Clearly, process steam is dangerous and with so many risks of system damage based on so many variables such as water hammer, erosion and carryover we probably ask more than we need to; but our caution often pays dividends sometimes preventing businesses repeating the same mistakes. For more on what we can offer as a leading steam pipe supplier take the time to read the rest of this Blog or contact our technical sales team.Steam Pipe Supplier

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Welded Steel Pipe BS EN 10255:2004


Welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004 is available in a number of finishes, these being red primer, galvanised and self-colour, in days gone by before red primer tube was widely used it was also available in black varnished and was known as BS1387. The majority of welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004 is available in random lengths of 6.5 metres, a random length can be slightly longer or shorter than the average of 6.5 metres, and this is all down to the process of cutting the lengths at the steel mill of manufacture. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we offer welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004 from quality manufacturers, they include Yucel Boru and Borusan Mannesmann. Both of these manufacturers ensure we offer our customer-base consistently high quality tube for whatever medium or construction it is being used on. In the Blog you are currently reading we will cover the various uses and sizes available in welded steel pipe BS EN 10255 and ensure that whatever project you’re about to embark on the right pipework is installed. Please take the time and continue reading our Blog post by clicking read more or contact our sales team for more information on welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004.

Welded Steel Pipe BS EN 10255:2004

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TLV Steam Products from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

We are pleased to inform all our process steam customers that we have increased our stock of TLV steam products, included are the latest stainless steel free float steam traps for process and line drain applications and better still in some ranges and sizes these are now sold at the SG-Iron price. Other products include pressure reducing valves, pumping traps and condense pumps. For full details on all Besseges can offer in TLV material please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and if you aren’t sure what product will suit your process needs talk to our technical team today. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are one of the nation’s leading process steam specialist supplier’s offering not only the excellent range of TLV steam products but pipework, valves and fittings to complete any process steam installation. To find out more about all we can offer in TLV steam products please continue to read this Blog by clicking read more or contact our excellent sales team.

TLV Steam Products

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