Burning issue for Manchester metal processor

We were asked to attend a Manchester based customer to discuss the installation of a Compressed Air Line to the new burners they had recently ordered.  Based on the volume of air available from the Compressor we were able to quote the correct size galvanised tube and supply the right pipe fittings and valves to reach round the many obstacles between the compressor and the incinerator. The real issue here though was the problem in supplying and regulating the right amount of air to the burners, this was outside our normal experience and we needed to look to another business to aid us in this matter.

Following this site visit we discussed the site with a local Burner Manufacturer and in the end brought the two parties together so that the problems could be resolved and the installation done with maximum safety and efficiency in mind. Had we not done this, because a vital piece of equipment had not been discussed there could have been unforeseen consequences in the future. This proves that talking about your installation to an experienced and knowledgeable supplier can make all the difference and this understanding of our products is what makes our Company unique in the Pipeline Industry. In addition using information from our Calculators and Downloads page our customers will find a wealth of information on product dimensions and pipe sizing.