Carbon Steel Flanges from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Is your business looking for a supplier of quality carbon steel flanges, then look no further than Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd, we can offer a full range of carbon steel flanges from stock to EN 1092-1:2013, ASME B16.5:2013 and BS10:2009. In addition we can also offer steel plate flanges to EN 1092-1:2013 and BS10:2009 our full range of flanges is available from 15mm (1/2”) nominal bore to 600mm (24”) nominal bore and we can and have supplied larger sizes to customer specifications in all classes of carbon steel flange. For more information on flange dimensions please download our latest flange chart or contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and for further information on the flange types we have discussed so far take the time to read the rest of this Blog by clicking read more.

Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon Steel Flanges EN1092-1:2013

This range of flanges are better known as metric flanges and were previously designated as flanges to BS4504:1989 and first appeared in 1969. They were meant to replace the BS10 range of carbon steel flanges  but so far this has not happened as the older imperial range of flanges are still in use today. Flanges to EN1092-1:2013 came into being with decimalisation at the end of the 1960s under BS4504:1969 although in my experience didn’t really come into what we would call normal use until the early 1980’s as many businesses still had factories and pipe systems full of BS10 flanges and many valve manufacturers still produced great quantities of valves with imperial flanges and charged more for the metric versions of the same product. I believe it took all of the 1970s before industry started to embrace the new metric specifications that we now consider the norm and some even longer than that. Whatever flanges your business requires though we can offer the product from our Warehouses in Ashton under Lyne, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Carbon Steel Flanges

Carbon Steel Flanges BS10:2009

BS 10 carbon steel flanges have a long history with the first appearance being 1926 which would have come from the British Engineering Standards association the predecessor of the British Standards Institute. Even though this range of carbon steel flanges have been around for the best part of 90 years they are still in regular use and the current standard was updated in 2009. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we can offer these flanges from stock in Plate, slip on bossed, screwed and drilled and galvanised screwed and drilled. Sizes available start at 15mm (1/2”) nominal bore to 150mm (6”) nominal bore in threaded flanges right up to 300mm (12”) in welded flanges. Larger sizes can be purchased by contacting our sales team. BS10:2009 carbon steel flanges are categorised in letter form and the most commonly used are Table D, Table E, Table F and Table H, each letter denotes a maximum pressure at a specified temperature, this information can be found online by visiting where this and many other British Standards can be purchased. We can also offer less common flanges in Table J, K, R, S and T, please contact us for more information. We are of course able to offer full details on the pressures and temperatures by using the high-lighted contact us links dotted about this Blog.


Carbon Steel Flanges ASME B16.5:2013

This range of American standard carbon steel flanges have been known and are known as ASA flanges, ANSI flanges and ASME flanges and I believe the original specification ASA was adopted by API the American Petroleum Institute in the late 1930s. These flanges are used and specified across the globe on chemical and petrochemical applications including the United Kingdom. Our stock range for this carbon steel flanges product range is limited to 150lb and 300lb flanges although we can offer flanges with much higher pressure ratings as per your requirements. We can offer ANSI 150 flanges on the shelf from 15mm (1/2”) to 300mm (12”) and larger sizes to order, we also offer a range of threaded flanges please contact us to discuss your requirements, this also includes any questions you may have on what we can offer with respect to 3.1b certification where relevant. We can certainly offer full traceability on all our flange products and various forms of test certification depending on type and material; we look forward to discussing your next project or installation.

Carbon Steel Flanges