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Buried at the Roadside

We live in a cruel world even now in the 21st century but at least we no longer leave those who have committed suicide, to be buried at the roadside. A law passed by King Athelstan in the 10th Century preventing burials of suicides on consecrated ground, remained in force for around nine hundred years. […]

Sir Ralphe De Assheton Black Knight

What is History, but a fable agreed upon. The sub-title of this piece is a quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte and summed up in the words used by Winston Churchill telling us that the victors, write history. This is probably true when reading the history of the once Knight of the Realm from Ashton under […]

The Age of Steam in Ashton under Lyne

The age of steam in Ashton did not just begin with the arrival of the railways in the Northwest of England. The first railways to pass through the town arrived in the early 1840s; but the age of steam in Ashton arrived a century sooner. With the commissioning of a Newcomen Engine to pump out […]

Hartshead Pike Ashton under Lyne

Hartshead Pike Ashton under Lyne is the hill itself, which has a stone tower at its summit. Before we explore the history of the tower that sits atop of this hill, the history of the summit itself has a great deal to offer. It has been suggested that the original stone monument at the summit […]

Ashton under Lyne History and Tragedy

For our latest series of Blogs on Ashton under Lyne, we have chosen to look at the final months of World War 1 and how it impacted on the people and the Town. Tragedy had already hit the local area a century ago last year when the local TNT factory exploded; resulting in many deaths […]

Ashton-under-Lyne Victory and Tears

With the end of a conflict that shattered Europe and the World, came the aftermath of such a monumental event. Local Industry here in Ashton-under-Lyne and beyond that had worked to feed the war effort with goods for soldiers and fighting; had the unenviable task of changing back to peace time manufacturing. Ashton-under-Lyne having already […]

Lockdown in Ashton under Lyne Now and Then

Not since World War 2 have the people faced anything like this Lockdown in Ashton under Lyne. For the first time in 75 years the people have had their freedom curtailed by a British Government. As the PM said as he made his recent statement to the UK, “no Prime Minister wants to enact measures […]

Ashton under Lyne Christmas Past & Present

For the majority of the population of this small northern mill town, Christmas is a celebration of all that is good about our society. An Ashton under Lyne Christmas is repeated in cities, towns and villages across a mainly Christian England. We could say the United Kingdom but how Christmas is celebrated in Scotland, Wales […]

Climate Change and Steam Systems

You would not put the words climate change and steam systems together as most people look at steam as something from the past. But steam as a source of heat transfer technology could possibly be one of the cleanest forms of energy available; if the approach to boilers and steam distribution change. Many businesses will […]

Football in Ashton under Lyne a Short History

Football in Ashton under Lyne takes us right back to 1878 when Hurst Football Club was formed with the earliest recorded report coming in 1879. A game played on the 16th March 1879 against Hurst Red Star FC in their then colours of black and white stripes. The Robins as they are known now were […]