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Ashton under Lyne History and Tragedy

For our latest series of Blogs on Ashton under Lyne, we have chosen to look at the final months of World War 1 and how it impacted on the people and the Town. Tragedy had already hit the local area a century ago last year when the local TNT factory exploded; resulting in many deaths […]

Football in Ashton under Lyne a Short History

Football in Ashton under Lyne takes us right back to 1878 when Hurst Football Club was formed with the earliest recorded report coming in 1879. A game played on the 16th March 1879 against Hurst Red Star FC in their then colours of black and white stripes. The Robins as they are known now were […]

Valve and Pipeline Man Ashton under Lyne to Stalybridge

Can there be anything less interesting than a walk to Stalybridge from Ashton under Lyne; and maybe if you were from the local area you would agree. But there is a great deal of community and history to see on the way and in modern Tameside; you can see the difference between the two towns […]

European Union Standards Post Brexit United Kingdom

How European Union standards post Brexit will affect the pipeline industry has to be a question being looked at by many businesses. Assurance can be found on the issue of European Union standards post Brexit on the British Standards Institute Website. In their latest statement assurances that changes will be limited if any after the […]

Northern Powerhouse or the Southern Status Quo

The Northern Powerhouse was a phrase coined by David Cameron’s Conservative Government to announce new measures; to redress the balance between the prosperous South East and the poor relation in the North of England. This same campaign was enthusiastically supported by the then Chancellor George Osborne; and it seemed to be aimed very much at […]