Control Valves for Steam and Water Systems

There are a wide range of options available for Control Valves for steam and water systems and here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd; we can offer several manufacturers options. The three main control valve manufacturers available from ourselves and of course through are TLV Euro Engineering, Genebre and Samson control valves.Control Valves

These three manufacturers offer just about any solution you are looking for; the reliability and quality of TLV Euro Engineering and Samson products are clear. Add to this the robust manufacturing of Genebre products offers a budget solution in simple control systems. Whichever your business is looking for, we can offer the solution; please read on or contact our knowledgeable sales team.

Control Valves TLV Euro Engineering

TLV Euro Engineering Ltd offer a wide range of control valve solutions, with some unique opportunities for energy saving on some options. TLV Euro Engineering offer an excellent range of cast iron, sg iron and cast steel control valves to suit just about any steam or water system. The most outstanding products though are the latest technology based on TLV excellent range of pressure reducing valves.

The CV COSR control valves offer very accurate flow control with the added advantage of water hammer deflecting technology built in. The piston in this product has a unique feature that we do not believe is found on any other product. The curved base to the piston and the enclosed spring ensures that the piston and shaft automatically realign; even under the worst steam conditions. This alone will ensure a long a reliable service life compared to products with a flat piston. The curve on the piston will also deflect water hammer and this versatile product is available in steel and stainless-steel options.Control Valves

The impressive CV-COS range of control valves for steam is without a doubt the greatest leap in technology in this field for decades. The attributes associated with the CV-COSR are repeated on this range; in addition, this excellent range of control valves has the TLV cyclone separator and steam trap built in. The built-in separator removes up to 98% of condense from the steam line, creating dryer steam.

In terms of the process itself, heat transfer can be improved by up to 9%; which has cost of steam implications. The science for this has surprisingly not been tested by TLV but we believe that this is the only valve of its type that can recover towards its initial cost. For any of the control valves we have discussed so far, please contact our excellent sales team.

Control Valves Samson Controls Ltd

We offer a wide range of Samson control valves for steam and water systems, in addition we can also offer this range for hot oil installations. Samson UK is part of the worldwide business, which started in 1907 in Germany. The business was founded by Hermann Sandvoss and its headquarters is in Frankfurt. Many of the Samson valves we have already supplied have come from there factory in Germany. TLV Euro Engineering haControl Valves ve had an excellent relationship with Samson and many of our existing customers will have CV5 and CV10 control valves which have been supplied via TLV.

Samson control valves offer a wide range of valves, sized for specific applications, the CV5 control valves are a generic range with a trim that offers a fixed KV value. We can look at any application and size a valve to suit, as they offer a wide range of valve trims to suit any flow conditions. A Control valve from Samson will cover an enormous range of pressures and temperatures, with varying connections available. Most of what we offer on a day to day basis are based around EN 1092-1 DIN flange connections in PN16, PN25 and PN40 options. If you require connections outside this range or within it; please contact our technical sales team for more information.


Control Valves Genebre

We do a wide range of Genebre products and control valves are just one of them, these control valves have fixed KV value akin to the previously discussed CV5. This does limit the valve to the KV value stated as the trim cannot be altered as is the case with many Samson and TLV control valves. What makes the Genebre control valves very attractive is the price, they are very competitive and are available on relatively short delivery times. The Genebre control valves can be offered with 4 to 20ma or pneumatic only positioner. Control Valves

Genebre control valves are offered with EN 1092-1 PN16 flange connections in sizes from 20mm (¾”) to 100mm (4”). They have a carbon steel body and a working temperature of -20°C to 230°C, with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar. We would be pleased to work with end users and contractors to provide quality solutions to any control valves requirement; we look forward to hearing from you via our excellent technical sales team.

Control Valves Pipeline, Fittings and Flanges

No installation involving control valves can be completed without the pipeline, fittings flanges. We offer steel and stainless steel pipework to complete any standard and sometimes non-standard installations. We offer pipework for process steam, water, chemical, and compressed air, just to name a few. All control valves require maintenance and so isolation is a must.Control Valves

Besseges can offer Genebre and TLV Bellows Sealed Stop Valves flanged PN16, PN25 and PN40. In addition, we can provide double block and bleed protection using the same products; with the additional steam ball valve or valves required to complete any installation. Whether you require valves, tubes, fittings or flanges; Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are always there for all your pipeline requirements.