Copper Press Fittings Buy M-Press Quality

Copper press fittings from M-Press are available from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and at This versatile quality product can be purchased via our sales team or through the afore mentioned E-Commerce site at very competitive prices. M-Press copper press fittings have all the approvals held by our competitors at Geberit, Sanha and V-Press.Copper Press Fittings

To add to the excellent service that M-Press offer as a manufacturer, they have added a warranty insurance that covers a system fitted with M-Press and those of any other manufacturer. So, whether you add M-Press to an existing copper press fittings system or you add another manufacturer to another M-Press press system; the M-Press warranty covers the pipework system.

So, if a fittings fails and has been installed correctly to the parameters laid down by M-Press; their warranty gives peace of mind for the contractor and the End User. Contact us for a set of terms and conditions and we will furnish you with the information provided by M-Press Ltd in the United Kingdom; or just contact us to arrange your next site delivery. For further information on copper press fittings M-Press brand click read more.

Copper Press Fittings Water Systems

Copper press fittings provided by M-Press have all the required approvals for use on potable water installations. Providing an excellent method of working where soldering is prohibited, and the use of compression is not practical. We can provide the relevant certification showing WRAS approval of the pipe and fittings to install copper press fittings and table x copper tube.

M-Press copper press fittings areCopper Press Fittings provided with a leak path that will ensure on testing of the completed system; that any fitting that has not been pressed will be clearly visible. (Ambient water should be used to complete hydrostatic testing ) Once a fitting that has not been pressed has been identified, normal installation procedures apply.

We are aware that one of our competitors has fitted a plastic indicator to their product; M-Press could do something similar but as the World is trying to reduce plastic waste, it has been deemed as surplus to requirements and disregarded. Why would a large global business actively search for; yet another way to increase the plastic waste already floating in our oceans. No matter whether there is an indicator or there isn’t one, for a leak test each joint should be examined anyway.

Copper Press Fittings Gas Systems

For the fitting of natural gas and LPG M-Press copper press fittings as it is on water systems; have the required approvals. This is true despite the words of some unscrupulous salesman who are claiming otherwise to the industry. We know that businesses have the options to choose whether to fit M-Press, Geberit, Sanha or Yorkshire copper press fittings. The truth being that business does have the choice as each manufacturer has the right to claim they offer quality products.

We are not here to tell you our competitors’ products are inferior to M-Press; the fact is they are all very similar. They all offer products’ suitable for the installation of natural gas and LPG. All we can do to sway you is tell you the advantages of buying M-Press copper press fittings from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and They are as follows:

  • We provide stock of M-Press in Copper Press Fittings 15mm to 54mm
  • We Provide stock of Table X Copper Tube 15mm to 54mm
  • We deliver carriage paid across the Northwest of England*
  • We deliver to site addresses across the United Kingdom*
  • We can offer 3 metre and 6 metre lengths of Table X Copper Tube
  • We can provide valves to complete your installation
  • We can provide hanging material to complete your installation
  • We are a dedicated and competitive pipeline supplier

*Subject to our terms and conditions (Copies provided at customers request or when your open a Trade Account)

As you can see there are many advantages to having an account with Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. Others include an excellent and knowledgeable sales team and a great Trade Counter Service. So, whatever your copper press fitting requirements, please use on of the many links to get in touch with us.

Copper Press Fittings Alternatives

There are obviously alternatives to copper press fittings, some of them include other materials in press fittings such as stainless steel; which can also be used on potable water and gas systems. Stainless steel press fittings M-Press brand have DVGW gas approvals and WRAS approvals for potable water.Copper Press Fittings

All stainless steel tube provided by M-Press distributors like us is in 316 material unless otherwise stated or requested. We would suggest talking to your supplier about this prior to receiving delivery to ensure the same is true; copper press fittings and tube are easily identified. The difference between 316 and 304 stainless steel tube is not as easy to see and 304 material is not approved for use on potable water systems as far as we are aware.

Other alternatives to copper press fittings and tube, depending on the medium being carried can be malleable iron threaded fittings and steel tube, stainless steel threaded fittings and tube and approved plastic pipework and fittings. These can all be provided by Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and Whatever your valve and pipeline requirements are, we are certain we can provide the right solution for your business; contact us to discuss your next project.