EN331 Brass Ball Valves from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

For all the businesses that require or install ball valves on gas systems we offer the Lyne T4 EN331 Brass Ball Valve from stock. This EN331 Brass Ball Valveis unlike many other similar ball valves available, this a full bore BSP taper threaded version offering a high quality seal and features an anti blow-out stem. In addition this same ball valve is also WRAS approved and can therefore be used on all UK potable water installations for more information on this product please contact our Sales Team or read on.

EN331 Brass Ball Valve T4

En331 Brass Ball Valve with Taper Threads

The EN331 Brass Ball Valve as pictured above this text offers the assurance that can only be achieved with a full BS21 taper thread. This certainty of quality and a tight seal is what our customer-base has come to expect from this valve, add to this competitive pricing and stock available from 1/2” (15mm) to 2” (50mm) bore and you cannot fail to be impressed. Please contact us for more information on this and the many valves, pipe and fittings available from stock including BS EN 10255 Gas List Tube.

EN331 Brass Ball Valve Taper Threaded

This same valve is also WRAS approved and therefore can be used on any potable or hot water system covering a working temperature of -20’C to 150’C with a maximum pressure of 40 bar. A T Handled version is also available from ¼” (8mm) Bore to 1” (25mm) Bore from stock, please contact us today for price and delivery of this or any other pipeline products. We also stock a full range of alternative brass and stainless steel ball valves including the Genebre article 3020 ball valve which in most respects is very similar to the T4 apart from the thread which is an ISO Parallel version and this valve carries only EU water approvals and is not suitable for natural gas systems. This valve is though our first choice for use on compressed air systems. Please follow the link to our Genebre valve brochures, for brass valves and for stainless steel and cast iron valves

Genebre article 3020 Brass Ball Valve