European Union Standards Post Brexit United Kingdom

European Union Standards Post Brexit How European Union standards post Brexit will affect the pipeline industry has to be a question being looked at by many businesses. Assurance can be found on the issue of European Union standards post Brexit on the British Standards Institute Website. In their latest statement assurances that changes will be limited if any after the 29th March 2019.

This is because two of the three major European standard providers are private organisations. At present on a European level, four organisations facilitate European Union standards post Brexit; they are the British Standards Institute (BSI), The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) and The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

Both CEN and CENELEC are private organisations and independent of European Union bodies; and the BSI state clearly their intention to remain members of these organisations. What they have failed to mention is whether they will remain ETSI members post Brexit. The good news for the pipeline industry is this organisation has no influence on our products, as far as we are aware.

European Union Standards Post Brexit Pipeline Supplies

As a leading pipeline supplier in the Northwest of England and now beyond with our E-Commerce site We will closely monitor any possible changes that will affect the European Union standards post Brexit. Although at present there does seem very little to be concerned about. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we offer traceable pipeline material to the relevant; British, European and International standards.European Union Standards Post Brexit

We are also an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and a copy of our certification can be provided by our excellent sales team. Our stock range of pipeline products are to British, European and International standards. We can offer material to BS EN, ASME, ANSI and ISO standards across many product ranges. Stock material is covered by all the previous standards listed and we can when asked to; offer material outside them including JIS material. Whether you are looking for product information or delivery to site please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

European Union Standards Post Brexit UK Standards

For European Unions standards post Brexit the United Kingdom remains part of the thirty-four European nations who have consolidated their standards. This means that thirty-four European nations have accepted a single set of standards; and have removed their own conflicting standards to facilitate this. So, after 29th March 2019 we will still be part of this European consensus, ensuring that Brexit will not affect this aspect of our future when trading with the wider European community.European Union Standards Post Brexit

This consolidation of European standards has created an economic boom for the United Kingdom and the wider world. By consolidating and working with thirty-four other countries this created opportunities for UK business to flourish and expand their influence. For ourselves as a valve and pipeline supplier it allows us to assure our customers of the quality we are offering them; because we all adhere to common standards.

A fitting example of this is the malleable iron pipe fittings we supply, although the manufacturer is Chinese (Jinan Meide). The material offered is to BS EN 10242:1995 it still carries the United Kingdom BSI Kite Mark. This ensures to all who purchase this material that what they are receiving; will operate within the pressures and temperatures advised. In addition, Jinan Meide hold the same quality certifications as ourselves in ISO 9001:2008, extra assurance that quality procedures are followed. To ensure your business buys quality material now and in the future contact us for a quote.

European Union Standards Post Brexit UK BSI Commitment

The British StandEuropean Union Standards Post Brexit ards Institute (BSI) are offering UK industry the assurance that they will remain at the heart of creating British and European standards in the future. As they state themselves they will remain members of both The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and; The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC). Their commitment and long-standing relationships with standard bodies all over the world. Ensures the United Kingdom will remain the worldwide success it has been for decades.

European Union Standards Post Brexit World Leaders

It is difficult to predict how Brexit will affect the United Kingdom in the long term and only time will tell. It could allow the UK to create new standards in other areas, such as pharmaceuticals as new money is invested into research across the country. Our Universities are already world leading educators and the successful system we have; could create a highly competitive and constantly evolving hub of world class expertise. Presently being part of the EU, we see high quality minds educated in the UK disappear into Europe. Whereas a more developed UK research industry could retain those quality post graduates to ensure more home-grown successes.

European Union Standards Post Brexit Brighter Future

European Union Standards Post Brexit

These last paragraphs do probably leave the core subject matter, but the truth is the United Kingdom does look certain to leave the EU. We can bemoan the terrible possibilities as we hear so many doing at present, politicians and many others; or what would probably be a better option is to look to the future and what the possibilities are. If we can retain the best of what we produce in people, they will make a brighter future; we can then look to research and invention to expand UK manufacturing.

In a competitive world the United Kingdom needs to be at the heart of creating better standards and products. European Union standards post Brexit will not stop or slow down and we must not be left behind. The UK of the future must be the innovator and create opportunities for people and business to flourish and grow. Our business which has grown year on year since we formed is looking forward to being part of this future. We want to be part of the future of your business and look forward to working with you now and and as we move towards 2019 and Brexit; contact us to see how we can assist.

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