Fastclamp Handrail One Product, many Solutions

Besseges (Valve, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have offered handrailing solutions for over two decades. For the past decade we have been associated with Fastclamp Handrail as one of their leading North of England distributors. This versatile range of tubular handrail has many possibilities in many applications; safety rails, shopping trolley bays, sports installations, clothing rails and sports nets just to name a few.Fastclamp Handrail

To ensure a good quality safe installation as well as offering Fastclamp handrail we provide galvanised tube to BS EN 10255:2004. Our tubular products are sourced from European manufacturers, ensuring quality is maintained and certification where required is available. This latest Blog on handrail products will explore the standard and the non-standard uses of Fastclamp handrail. To continue reading just click read more or for stock availability and or prices; contact our sales team.

Fastclamp Handrail the Basics

Fastclamp handrail fittings are malleable iron castings to BS EN 1562:1997 and as the brochure tells you are for producing lightweight tubular steel structures. In most instances the tube used to complete these structures is galvanised medium tube BS EN 10255:2004. There are five different sizes available, although the more accepted sizes used are 25mm, 32mm and 40mm nominal bore. The following list covers the nominal bore sizes and the outside diameter dimensions to aid in selection.

  • 20mm nominal bore 26.9mm outside diameter (3/4”NB)
  • 25mm nominal bore 33.7mm outside diameter (1”NB)
  • 32mm nominal bore 42.4mm outside diameter (1 ¼”NB)
  • 40mm nominal bore 48.3mm outside diameter (1 ½”NB)
  • 50mm nominal bore 60.3mm outside diameter (2”NB)

The system is easily put together and the only tool required to complete an installation is an allen key (hexagon key). The set-screws that are such a recognisable part of Fastclamp handrail fittings using medium grade tube 3.2mm wall. Will support an axial load of up to Fastclamp Handrail 900kgs when tightened to a torque of 39Nm; for further information contact our sales team.

Fastclamp Handrail Safety and Guard Rails

The most well known use of Fastclamp handrail is for safety and guard rails, double single rails can be achieved where required. The standard we are used to supplying for are double rails that are 1100mm high and as a norm the sizes used are 32mm and 40mm nominal bore; in old money these are 1½” and 2” od. Good quality standard safety rails should have supports at one metre apart to comply with British Standards, for the design loads download the Fastclamp handrail brochure or consult BS 5395-1:2010 and BS 4592-1:2006. (this information is correct at the time of writing)

Safety and guard rails built using Fastclamp handrail are robust and long lasting structures; that will pass the test of time and weathering. They can be a divide between pedestrians and hazards such as roads or tram lines. Safety Rails in parks, sports facilities and gardens and if you require a warmer colour they can be provided powder coated to customer specifications (RAL number required)

Fastclamp Handrail Structures

This versatile product can produce many structures, the following list are the one’s we know have been done with Fastclamp handrail.

Handrailing Barriers Work Benches
Guardrailing Disabled Ramps Exhibition Stands
Tyre Racks Sheds Cattle Pans
Car Ports Roof Edge Protection

Cricket Screens

Polytunnels Frames Security Screens
Fruit Cages Canopies Stables
Garment Racks Market Stalls Climbing Frames
Greenhouses Storage Wracks Goal Posts

If you want to achieve any of the above and aren’t sure how to go about it, contact our sales team and they will offer every assistance they can. Temporary market stalls for your car boot sales are a great use of this product; adding a professional look to your stall. Add signage panels to structures like this using the C66 mesh clips to hold them in place. The same structure can produce a lemonade stand for your local charity event; or for those kind families who support people taking part in events like the Moonwalk in Edinburg and London.Fastclamp Handrail

Whatever structure you would like to build, the only limit is that of your own imagination. If you have built a structure we haven’t covered in tis Blog, please tell us about it and send us an image. We would be only to happy to include your efforts in our next Blog on the subject of Fastclamp handrail; if we receive enough feedback we could write and entire blog on the achievements of the wider public and customers. contact our sales team for our email address so you can send us your images and a quick writeup on how you came up with the idea and put it together.

Fastclamp Handrail DDA Products

DDA is short for Disability Discrimination Act, an act of Parliament making it unlawful to discriminate against; disabled people in connection with employment and the workplace. The Fastclamp handrail DDA range has been designed to satisfy the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations 2004. This provides non-discriminatory handrail solutions for 42.4mm OD rails that are smooth and continuous.Fastclamp Handrail

Standard fittings and tube to complete the works are supplied in hot dipped galvanised and are available from stock here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. For members of the public they can be purchased online at and delivered the next working day if ordered before 1:00pm. Tube deliveries can also be done but we can only provide 6 metre lengths when delivery is not completed by our own vehicles.  Whatever you are looking for in Fastclamp handrail we have the solution for you and look forward to hearing from you.