Galvanised Handrail Structures

Here at Besseges we are proud of our association with Fastclamp, we have been one of their leading distributors in the north of England for several years and have aided many businesses in planning work whether for basic galvanised handrail, galvanised handrail structures or galvanised handrail for the disabled better known as the DDA range. If you show us what you want to build with galvanised handrail from Fastclamp and galvanised tube to BS EN 10255:2004 we will do all we can to ensure you get the best results for your installation. The Fastclamp guide is available to download on this Website just click the high-lighted link to download a copy or contact our sales team for more pricing and stock availability. If you want to read more on the subject of galvanised handrail solutions please click the read more icon.

Galvanised Handrail

Galvanised Handrail Storage Wracks

This versatile product has many excellent uses including storage and clothes wracks, so whether you want to display product in your shop or trade counter or build wracking for industrial product storage galvanised handrail from Fastclamp has the solution you or your business is looking for. Wracks can be built in your garage at home or in a workshop to store wood, metals or plastic products, for load bearing capacities please consult the Fastclamp Guide for more information or contact our sales team. The Fastclamp galvanised handrail range is available in sizes from 26.9mm od to 60.3mm od, for those from the 1970s and earlier this would be ¾” to 2” nominal bore.

Galvanised Handrail Wracking

Galvanised Handrail for Advertising

Using the basic clips available for galvanised handrail from Fastclamp, attaching advertising to structures or handrails can easily be achieved. Examples of this kind are being used by some smaller football grounds to enclose locations used for recording match-day videos for posting on to You Tube channels. Product supplied by Besseges (VTF) Ltd has been installed in the Family Stand at Bower Fold, the home of Stalybridge Celtic for just this purpose and the same can be done at any sports ground, where a hard standing or stand is available. For bigger and bolder advertising the same principle applies for permanent and semi-permanent advertising locations. Fastclamp galvanised handrail can be fixed to most buildings by using wall flanges or other forms of pipe and tube brackets and again the principle of using the clips is a sound option. For more information on this and for any other forms of galvanised handrail and structures please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements or email us a sketch of what you want to achieve and we will identify the fittings required for your project.

Galvanised Handrail Stalybridge Celtic 1909TV

Galvanised Handrail more solutions

Galvanised handrail is a key part of our product range complimenting the stock of galvanised tube to BS EN 10255:2004 we carry in abundance, the sizes that suit galvanised handrail solutions is 20mm (3/4”) nominal bore to 50mm (2”) nominal bore. Please contact us to discuss price and if required we also have a cutting service available at very reasonable prices. For more information on galvanised handrail please explore our Blog page to read previous articles on the same subject, we look forward to hearing from your business now and in the future.

Galvanised Handrail by Fastclamp