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Galvanised Handrail Systems Besseges (VTF) Ltd

There are a number of galvanised handrail systems available and all claim  be exactly what you’re looking for, the question is are they the right quality and is the business you’re buying from selling the right material for the job in hand. Many businesses across the internet claim that they have the experience and understanding required to work with their customers and prospective customers to ensure the job is done correctly. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, from the perspective of Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we can categorically state that with galvanised handrail systems and many other products lines associated with the pipeline industry we definitely have the product knowledge and understanding your business is looking for. So the simple fact whether building a safety rail in a factory or bays for shopping trollies we have the right product at the right price, for more information please contact our excellent sales team or continue reading this Blog by clicking the read more symbol.

Galvanised handrail systems

Galvanised Handrail Systems Fastclamp Range

To ensure quality and a competitive price we offer Fastclamp galvanised handrail systems, carrying large stocks at our warehouse in Ashton under Lyne in sizes 20mm (3/4”) to 50mm (2”) nominal bore. The most used sizes in this product range are generally 25mm (1”), 32mm (1 ¼”) and 40mm (1 ½”). To download the latest product information on Fastclamp galvanised handrail systems please follow the high-lighted link or contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. For building barriers and for the demarcation of pathways the standard range of fittings will suit your needs, but for disabled access and ramps we offer DDA galvanised handrail systems also in Fastclamp and available from our warehouse for delivery anywhere in the UK. If you are unsure of the requirements of disabled access legislation we can provide a clearer picture and furnish your business or organisation with the information you require, a conversation with our sales team whether via our contact form, telephone or by visiting our trade counter will always be helpful. Other uses for galvanised handrail systems have been discussed in previous Blogs, but we always look to keep present readers and new readers of our Blog up to date and informed, so please accept our apologies if what we cover in the next paragraphs has been repeated in previous writings.

Galvanised handrail systems


Galvanised Handrail Systems the Possibilities

The Fastclamp galvanised handrail systems can be used to build structures as well as handrails, the possibilities are almost endless. We have been involved in projects for cricket nets, swimming pool covers, soccer goals, clothes rails and carports. Other uses include racks & shelving, canopies, climbing frames, fruit cages, cattle pens, exhibition stands, stables and market stalls to name but a few. So whatever your particular project is please contact us and we will assist you from the start to finish, we can advise on the right fittings too use and offer onsite assistance where possible (restrictions apply please contact us to discuss). Further to this we ensure that the right material of tube is used, generally this would be BS EN 10255:2004 galvanised medium plain end. For a full picture on load capacities, vertical and horizontal please download the Fastclamp technical guide by clicking the high-lighted link or contact our sales team and we will send out a hard copy of this literature.

Galvanised handrail systems

Galvanised Handrail Systems Standards

Fastclamp galvanised handrail systems fittings are manufactured from malleable iron castings to BS EN 1562 or ductile iron (where noted in the fittings description) to BS EN 1563. Fastclamp fittings are used to construct light-weight tubular steel structures and are manufactured to suit five different tube sizes, the sizes can be found in an early paragraph on this Blog. All Fastclamp galvanised handrail systems require no welding, drilling or special tools, simply use a hexagon key to tighten the special setscrews that embed into the tube. Fastclamp fittings will support an axial load of up to 900Kg when tightened to a toque of 39Nm. The Fastclamp range of castings are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 as standard. Fastclamp fittings can also be supplied in a powder coated finish to RAL standard colours, subject to quantity and availability from coaters; we can arrange RAL standard colours powder coated tube to BS EN 10255:2004 if required. Please contact our sales team for more information. Fastclamp fittings are suitable for use with steel tubes to BS EN 10255:2004 with a minimum wall thickness of 3.2mm, however please note that internal fittings types: CO1, CO6, C65, DDA-02 and DDA-06 are only designed for use with 3.2mm thick tube.

Galvanised handrail systems

Galvanised Handrail Systems Defender Roof Edge Protection

Versatility is key when ordering galvanised handrail systems and the availability of Defender roof edge protection systems just confirms this premise. Defender roof edge protection systems operate on a counterbalance principle using curved PVC counterweights as the main component. A galvanised malleable iron foot with a protective rubber base supports the handrail posts; this includes an integral toe-plate facility which is a fundamental requirement if there is no perimeter edge up-stand. All systems feature 1100mm tall factory preassembled uprights that include open cradle fittings allowing the handrail tube to be quickly dropped into place instead of the time consuming process of the tube being fed through several fittings as required with other systems, speeding up assembly and saving cost. Fastclamp fittings from our galvanised handrail systems range are used in the construction of Defender roof edge protection. The systems is free standing, with no requirements for fixings or drilling and subsequently no repair to the roof membrane, suitable for flat roofs up to 3° pitch. The Defender roof edge protection systems can be configured to satisfy the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122 part 3 or the load deflection requirements of BS EN 13374 Class A. For more information on Defender roof edge protection or any galvanised handrail systems requirements please contact our knowledgeable sales team.

Galvanised handrail systems

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