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Galvanised Handrails One Product Multiple Possibilities

What do you see when you look at galvanised handrails, a safety rail, cladding protection or as we see it a single product with many possibilities. In this latest Blog from Besseges (VTF) Ltd we are going to explore the standard uses of galvanised handrails and the less standard uses of this excellent product from our friends at Fastclamp. So for a complete guide to the possibilities of galvanised handrails using Fastclamp fittings and galvanised medium tube to BS EN 10255:2004 please continue reading this Blog by clicking read more or contact our sales team to discuss your present requirements, although my preference as Author of this Blog would be you continue reading for now at least and learn a little more about this product.

Galvanised Handrails

Galvanised Handrails Primary use

Galvanised handrails were as the name suggests designed for this use and originally before the DDA disabled range came into use it was used for disabled access as well as street handrails on roads and motorways. If you look around you will find many examples of similar types of galvanised handrails in our Towns and Cities, in fact some areas of the old docks in Liverpool have the Tubeclamp range of fittings supplied many years ago when the area was first improved by the then Liverpool Development Agency. How much of the original galvanised handrails survive now I cannot be certain of but this was one of the first major projects involving this type of product and was something I was personally involved in at the time. Street handrailing using Fastclamp products and galvanised tube to some isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as more ornamental systems but from my own perspective galvanised handrails have a certain industrial charm that fake Victoriana fails to live up to, the retro industrial look appears all over modern cities in the oddest paces and in our homes these days, so galvanised handrails can offer more than your realise. Please contact us to discuss your project or requirements as we can offer more than just the product itself.

Galvanised Handrails

Galvanised Handrails for Sports

Galvanised handrails can be used in many ways for various sports facilities and to build practice nets for cricket and golf or the goal posts in any size for football. Where sports facilities require perimeter fencing or for disable access ramps galvanised handrails from Fastclamp have the solution, the product is available for handrails in sizes 32mm ( 1 ¼” ) nominal bore and 40mm ( 1 ½” ) nominal bore and for other structures in 20mm ( ¾” ), 25mm ( 1” ) and 50mm ( 2” ). For building practice nets we can advise the most suitable product for your particular purpose and provide the nets and clips to ensure your club or business can complete the task in hand. In addition advertising can be directly attached to the rails or structures, so if you have sponsor behind your installation they can be suitably acknowledged for their contribution. For further product information please download the Fastclamp guide by following the high-lighted link or contact our excellent sales team.

Galvanised Handrails

Galvanised Handrails Structures

If you want to use this product as more than a handrail then there are many structures that can be built they include tyre racks, car ports, poly-tunnels, fruit cages, garment racks, frames, canopies, market stalls, work benches, cattle pens, stables and security screens to name but a few. Weight distribution and correct tubulars can be found in the afore mentioned Fastclamp guide and for advice on the fittings and their placement in your structure just talk too or provide a sketch for our sales team and we will price the product needed. To see more examples of the uses of galvanised handrails look around you on your next visit to your local supermarket where you will see shopping trolley parks made of Fastclamp and other manufacturers of this type of product who include Kee Klamp, Tubeclamp and Alvin Clamp. On the coast you may also find boat racks assembled from Fastclamp galvanised handrails and on the roofs of some buildings as roof edge protection, all these products can be purchased from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd.

Galvanised Handrails

Galvanised Handrails Domestic and Quirky

Fastclamp fittings and Galvanised tube BS EN 10255:2004 can produce galvanised handrails in many geometric shapes that will produce garden furniture, tables, chairs, benches, book-shelves. Look at the possibilities; anyone could use this material to build something as big as their own retro industrial Bar or as small as a wine-rack with just a little thought and some imagination. We have already provided businesses and individuals with material that has produced some excellent furniture, if you throw in some reclaimed wood retro is your next coffee table or work bench. In a recent episode off BBC2’s £100K house this type of furniture appeared and the fact is most of us could probably build our own version with a little care and attention. So if you believe that you or your business are the next generation in budding furniture designers, please contact us for galvanised handrails to put together your project or send us a sketch of your design and we will identify the fittings that will allow you to put it together. All you have to remember is to download the Fastclamp guide for full details on horizontal and vertical load capacities and incorporate these into your designs; we look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to read my 100th Blog post.

Galvanised Handrails

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