Galvanised Tube Threaded BS EN 10255:2004

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have been distributors of quality galvanised tube threaded BS EN 10255:2004 for 27 years always mindful of the needs of our customer base we continued to assure them of our commitment to their quality needs. To ensure traceability we are an ISO 9001 registered company offering EN 10204/3.1 mill certified galvanised tube threaded BS EN 10255:2004 from Cayirova Boru San and Borusan Mannesmann. The majority of what we carry in stock is European manufactured tube from Cayirova Boru San who have a long standing reputation for quality assurance and we have seen this galvanised threaded tube used extensively on many types of pipeline installations including compressed air systems, non-potable water systems, chemical systems, unleaded fuel lines and many more. For more information on pressures and temperatures please take the time to click read more to continue reading this Blog or contact our sales team.

Galvanised Tube Threaded

Galvanised Tube Threaded for Compressed air Installations

For compressed air installations we offer medium and heavy galvanised tube threaded BS EN 10255:2004 in 6.5 metre lengths in sizes from 15mm (½”) to 100mm (4”) nominal bore but can also offer this same material in 125mm (5”) and 150mm (6”) to order, but we have very few customers willing to work with threaded material even above the 65mm (2 ½”) as this is much more difficult to seal even with the right jointing compounds, for more information on compounds for larger bore threaded material please contact us to discuss your requirements. Many businesses are using other material to install compressed air systems, here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we still believe that the traditional use of galvanised tube threaded BS EN 10255:2004 offers a robust solution for all compressed air systems. For instance using lighter materials for work benches and close to ground installs presents accidental damage issues that are much less likely with heavier steel tube. For pressure and temperature information please download our latest data sheet for this material by clicking the high-lighted link or contact us and we will email you the information.

galvanised tube threaded

Galvanised Tube Threaded Other Installations

This versatile quality galvanised tube threaded BSP taper can be used to install non potable water and unleaded fuel line installations when used with good quality galvanised malleable iron taper threaded fittings. We offer everything you’ll need to complete any of the installations mentioned in this Blog including fittings, valves, flanges, insulation and hanging materials. For fuel, air and water systems we can provide Genebre quality brass plated ball valves, Jinan Meide Kite Marked malleable iron fittings, Erico hanging materials and Rockwool foil backed pipe insulation. So if you arrived here looking for galvanised tube threaded, what you found is one of the best pipeline suppliers in the United Kingdom who can provide your business will all your valve and pipeline requirements. To explore our entire product range please follow the product page link where you will find a complete list of what we offer, to open an account click Trade Account and we look forward to servicing your future requirements.

Galvanised Tube Threaded