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Galvanised Tubes BS EN 10255:2004

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are a leading stockist of galvanised tubes BS EN 10255:2004 manufactured by Cayirova Boru and Borusan Mannesmann ensuring we always offer high quality material to our expanding customer base. This material has many uses including pressure system installations and quality handrail installations, so whether you’re looking to install or extend a compressed air main or building a handrail around your football pitch we have exactly what you are looking for. As well as providing galvanised tubes BS EN 10255:2004 we can offer a full range of threaded pipe fittings and valves to complete the package and don’t forget to discuss pipe support and hanging material with us as we offer slotted channel, brackets and all the ancillaries required to complete any pipeline installation. To learn more about this and other pipeline products please take the time to click read more and continue to read this Blog or if you’d prefer contact our sales team by clicking the high-link.

Galvanised Tubes

Galvanised Tubes BS EN 10255:2004 & Malleable Iron BS EN 10242:1995

When installing your next spray booth or compressor ring main consider the quality of the products you normally buy, does your supplier offer traceable quality assured material, are the malleable iron fittings you’re using Kite Marked with taper threads. If the answer to any of these questions is no then what you install may not be up to the job in hand for instance leaking compressed air is a real problem. If your system is full of leak points due to poor quality pipe, fittings or valves your ring main will lose pressure and your compressor will compensate for this pressure loss, just imagine the increased energy costs and how this affects the carbon footprint of your business. This is why we offer the right quality of product at the right price and where needed the right advice on your installation, for instance what jointing compound should you use, when should you use galvanised tubes in medium or heavy grade and what pressure can this material be used on. If you have any questions about medium, pressure or even the correct insulation to use we can offer over 30 years of experience in pipeline products always assuring that quality is at the heart of any installation you undertake, please contact us today.

Galvanised Tubes

Galvanised Tubes BS EN 10255:2004 & Fastclamp Handrail

We are back to the subject of galvanised handrail; we offer an excellent range of galvanised handrail products which obviously included galvanised tubes BS EN 10255:2004 and Fastclamp handrail products. This comprehensive product has many uses and we have seen many different types of structures built with these products and although the possibilities aren’t quite endless they are many and varied. So whether you want to build a galvanised handrail around a football pitch, stables, cricket nets, market stalls or even an industrial bed frame please contact us to discuss your requirements, you are certain to be happy with the end result. In recent months we have worked with many businesses supplying galvanised tubes for handrail projects, the most recent being a guard rail to prevent pallets being stacked against cladded buildings, therefore protecting cladding from damage. With this particular customer we visited site and helped them plan the work prior to the quote being done, they were so happy with the result they have had us return to site twice since the first rail was completed. So for all your galvanised tube requirements please contact us and open an account with a business that will always be your favoured supplier of pipeline, fittings and valve products

Galvanised Tubes