Genebre Valve Catalogues 2014 from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Besseges (VTF) Ltd is one of the UK’s leading Genebre Valve Distributors, offering valve and fittings products from both the Hydrosanitary Catalogue and the Industrial Catalogue. Both of these latest product guides are available to download from our Website by clicking the high-lighted links. We can offer many products in many materials from the Genebre Valve range, including stainless steel Genebre ball valves and brass Genebre ball valves. These products are available in a variety of sizes at very competitive prices and from stock, meaning we can offer many of the Genebre valve products next day to most UK mainland addresses and if you’re not a UK based business please contact us to discuss your requirements and delivery. For more information on all we can offer in Genebre valve products please contact our sales team or click the read more icon.

Genebre Valve

Genebre Valve Catalogue Hydrosanitary Line

The Genebre valve Hydrosanitary Line catalogue contains a comprehensive range of brass ball valves, climate control valves, gas valves, solenoid valves and water meters over six sections. The Genebre valve ball valve ranges are available in female threaded, male-female threaded and male-male threaded options. These Genebre valves are available in plain brass and silk finished chrome plated brass ball valves in pressure ratings from PN25 to PN40 with a maximum temperature of up to 180°C. A typical brass silk finished chrome plate Genebre ball valve is the 3020, a female threaded version with a maximum working pressure of 40 Bar and a maximum temperature of 180°C. It comes complete with PTFE seats and seals and a blue steel lever handle and is available from stock in 8mm (1/4”) to 50mm (2”) sizes, Please contact us for a full data sheet and to discuss your requirements and prices for this product. More products from the Hydrosanitary range available are air eliminators, non-return valves, gate valves, globe valves, radiator valves and safety valves, new renewable energy products have also appeared in the 2014 Genebre valve Hydrosanitary Line Catalogue, for all these products and more Genebre valves please contact us.

Genebre Valve

Genebre Valve Catalogue Industrial Line

The Genebre valve Catalogue Industrial Line contains a full range of stainless steel, cast iron and carbon steel valves and fittings. Many of our primary Genebre valve products can be found in this catalogue Included are our range of two piece and three piece Genebre Ball Valves and a wide range of 20 bar rated BSP stainless steel threaded fittings. Other must have valve products included in this publication are the very popular and competitive PN16 flanged Bellows Sealed Stop Valves used by many of our process steam users on what we would term as low pressure systems. There are really far too many products to mention in a single Blog and downloading the latest Genebre Valve industrial Line Catalogue could be the best move you make today and open up many possibilities for your valve and pipeline requirements. So whether you are looking for a set of Rubber Expansion Bellows or a Static Balancing Valve, here at Besseges (VTF) Ltd we can supply the Genebre Valve product your business is looking for at the price you want to pay. Please contact us for these and all the pipeline, fittings and valve products we have available.

Genebre Valve Bellows Sealed Stop Valve