Handrailing from Fastclamp in the home

Over the years we have seen many uses of the Fastclamp Handrailing product in a domestic setting; they have been used in conjunction with Galvanised Tube to (BS1387) BS EN 10255 to build many structures from Car Ports to climbing frames and even bed frames. The latest domestic trend is open storage rails for clothing, this works whether you have a walk in wardrobe or just a space to fill in your bedroom. The big advantage of using Fastclamp Handrailing for this purpose is the fact that when the trend for the industrial look at home is over, you can dismantle the frame you have built and turn it into storage capacity anywhere in your home for shoe wracking or shelving for your garage or shed. For further information and product images please read on or contact our sales team.

Handrailing Elbow Fastclamp CO2

Handrailing from Fastclamp for the industrial look

The Industrial Look seems to have been led by some of our trendiest stores and we have already indirectly sold product for one of these major clothing outlets in recent months, in addition to this the same product and material has produced shelving for books. The latest in apartment industrial furniture could be the table you build using Fastclamp handrailing and Galvanised Tube to (BS1387:1985) BS EN 10255 (2004).  See the picture below for one way to achieve a clothes storage rail that would fit in any apartment and for industrial storage and display this same frame can sell itself and PPE clothing and safety boots. For further uses of the Fastclamp Handrailing range and Galvanised Tube to (BS1387) BS EN 10255:2004 please read the following Blogs on sports clubs and sports equipment, where you will find details on the possibility of building cricket and golf nets for your local club or contact Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and speak to our experienced Sales Team.

Handrailing from Fastclamp Clothes Frame & Shoe Rack