Is your business prepared for the cold weather?

As the winter sets in have you had your Heating Engineer inspect the valves and pipework on your heating system.  Whatever system you have the certainty of having valves that offer certain shut off and are leak free are a boon to any business.  For high quality taper threads on gas pipework use the Lyne T4 Brass EN331 Gas approved ball valve, being one of the few BSP Taper threaded ball valves available on the market at the present time, this product is must for any Gas Engineer or end user. Users of steam for heating please read further.

For those companies that rely on Thermoliers to heat their premises we have a full range of quality steam stop and control valves to suit every requirement. We have brought to your attention in previous blogs the high quality steam stop valves available from stock, for further information please read “Are your steam isolation valves up to the job”? For further information on all we can offer your company to prevent winter catastrophes please contact us.  Please contact us as well for all Thermolier and Heat Exchanger requirements, our experienced sales staff will provide all the technical support your business requires.