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M-Press Press Fittings Warehouse Relocation

M-Press press fittings main warehouse has now relocated to the centre of the Northern Powerhouse in Northwest England; this new and improved facility now carries over £500,000 of M-Press press fittings and M-Press tube. What this means is our extensive customer base has access to much larger stocks than we can carry here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd, although at the present time we do have around £50,000 of material available for delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom. We are committed to serving our customers via this extensive facility and can arrange for direct deliveries on larger quantities if required. For more information on M-Press press fittings please continue to read this Blog by clicking read more or contact our sales team.

M-Press press fittings

M-Press Press Fittings and other Manufacturers

We are hearing though through our expanding customer base that some of our competitors are claiming that the M-Press press fittings range is not compatible with the Geberit system or its m-profile press fitting machines. Can we point out that M-Press press fittings are manufactured to the same standard as Geberit and Sanha products and can be installed using any manufacture of M-Profile machine and heads. In addition what we certainly won’t do is withdraw warranties on this product when used in conjunction with other manufacturers products, we will always honour warranties on our own M-Press press fittings and tube in line with the manufacturers terms and conditions. If for any reason you are unsure about the correct procedure for installing M-Press press fittings or in fact M-Profile fittings in general please either follow the link to our installation guide or contact us to arrange workshop or on-site training which is offered free of charge by our colleagues at M-Press.

M-Press press fittings

M-Press Press Fittings Material Available

M-Press press fittings are available in carbon steel, copper and stainless steel which include the copper and stainless steel gas range. This extensive range can be found in stock either here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd the leading northern distributor or through us from the M-Press warehouse near Leeds. The full range is available with EPDM seals Black), FPM/FKM seals (Green) and HNBR seals (Yellow). More complete information on M-Press press fittings seals can be found on page 13 of the M-Press Guide by clicking the high-lighted link or by contacting our excellent technical sales team. M-Press press fittings and tube in stainless are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and all installations using this product come with WRAS approval, in addition we can offer a full range of WRAS approved ball valves to complete your installation with the added security of Genebre quality. All Genebre WRAS approved ball valves would require adapting to the M-Press press fittings system and we can offer the material to do this from 15mm to 54mm, please contact us for more information. M-Press press fittings and tube in carbon steel is extensively used on hot water heating systems in many public buildings, please be aware there are restrictions on the use of insulation with this product and for the installation of any frost protection  and or corrosion protection please contact us to discuss. M-Press Press fittings and tube in copper are also available and WRAS approved, this material is available from stock in 15mm to 54mm sizes and with this and other M-Press press fittings products can be found in sizes up to and including 108mm. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this and many other valves and pipeline requirements; we look forward to hearing from you. To download the latest M-Press press fittings price list please click the high-lighted link.

M-Press press fittings

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