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M-Profile Press Fittings from M-Press

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd offer the best quality M-Profile press fittings, our M-Press range of products matches all our competitors for quality of manufacture due to the fact that this product is produced by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of press fitting components PCC GmbH. PCC are a world leader in M-Profile press fitting technology, recognised for superior products and quality assurance ensuring end users and contractors can install with absolute confidence. M-Profile press fittings from M-Press come with the best warranties in the industry; for carbon steel press 25 years, copper press 30 years and stainless steel press 40 years. M-Profile press fittings from M-Press can be installed using your existing M-Profile machines and tooling, a distributor for a leading competitor of M-Press are claiming that M-press is not compatible with the tooling they supply, our advice would be to ignore these statements as they are without foundation. They are in fact just an unfortunate attempt to deflect business from looking at the very competitive pricing offered on M-Profile press fittings from M-Press. For more information on this range of products please continue reading this Blog by clicking read more or contact our sales team.

M-Profile Press Fittings

M-Profile Press Fittings Carbon Steel M-Press

This wide range of product can be found in stock here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd in sizes 15mm to 54mm with additional sizes up to and including 108mm. This product is often used on hot water heating installations but is not suitable for potable water installations. It can also be used on some sprinkler installations but at the time of publication does not have the required LPC approval for use in the United Kingdom. It should be noted that carbon steel press fitting tube should not be stored outside and should always be sealed with the protection caps until it is ready to be used, failure to do this can result in corrosion and in addition on all installations air should be purged from the system completely as the internal bore is not plated as a norm and would corrode over time. If you follow these simple rules and use the correct water treatments on your heating system this product will have a long and trouble free life, as was stated in the earlier paragraph carbon steel M-Profile press fittings and tube from M-Press has a 25 year warranty, please contact our sales team for prices and or to arrange delivery.

M-Profile Press Fittings

M-Profile Press Fittings Copper M-Press

The M-Profile Press Fitting copper M-Press range is offered with a 30 year warranty if the installation is completed to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. In addition the warranty from M-Press is not affected by the use of other manufacturers fittings, in other words if you extend an existing installation using M-Profile press fittings from M-Press, M-Press still guarantee their fittings and pipework. Another leading M-Profile press fitting manufacturer has stated that if any other manufacturers’ fittings are found within an installation their warranty is void. From an installers perspective this is wholly unacceptable as the warranty on a system can surely not be affected by the fitting before or after. Consider this, you’re an installer completing a large installation and your supplier says delivery on a 54mm tee or elbow will be 7 to 10 days. Does that mean you have to wait that long to complete the works, suffering penalty charges or do you install an available equivalent fitting from another manufacturer. Then having completed the installation there is an issue and your supplier or manufacturer tells you your warranty is void due to a single fitting. Specifiers and contractors must surely think twice about using a manufacturer that’s willing to hold a gun to your head over something so petty and inconsequential. From the prospective of M-Press M-Profile press fittings, they offer a 30 year warranty on their copper products and they only specify that it is installed correctly and if you happen to install Geberit fittings on the same installation the product warranty still applies. To discuss your next installation please contact our sales team and if you would like to take up the offer of M-Press M-Profile press fittings installation training please mention it when you contact us.

M-Profile Press Fittings

M-Profile Press Fittings Stainless M-Press

The versatile M-Profile press fittings from M-Press in stainless steel can be used on numerous systems to carry potable water, gas, chemicals and compressed air. The key is selecting the correct seals for the medium required which can be found by downloading the latest M-Press guide or talking to our excellent technical sales team. This range is available from stock in sizes from 15mm to 54mm; larger sizes are available on request for sizes up to and including 108mm. It must be noted that thin wall stainless pipe is much less attractive to thieves than the copper equivalent and can replace copper on most installations subject to building regulations. For gas installations M-Profile press fittings have a yellow marker on the fittings and have gas seals, we do not recommend contractors changing the seals in existing fittings although a seal changing tool is available through M-Press. Also please consult the installation guide for gas pipework in the M-Press guide as on some sizes different tooling should be used, this refers in particular to the type of jaws specified. For potable water installations standard EPDM seals are used and each fitting has a leak path ensuring that a fitting that has not been pressed will weep under test conditions. The leak path is achieved in M-Press fittings via three raised areas on the seals which have a leak path below them, when the fitting has not been pressed these paths will allow water to leak out under test. These leak paths are found on all M-Profile press fittings from M-Press ensuring that the fittings will not blow off under hydrostatic test conditions although the physical difference between a pressed and no-pressed fitting is very obvious and can be easily spotted by visual inspection. For more information or to place an order for your M-Profile press fittings requirements please contact our sales team.

M-Profile Press Fittings

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