Malleable Iron Fittings BS EN 10242:1995

Malleable Iron fittingsBesseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have been a distributor of malleable iron fittings for over thirty years. We have always endeavoured to stock quality pipe fittings since our days as a Trade Counter in James Howe Mill. Over that time, our business has grown into one of the largest stockists of threaded BSP pipe fittings in the area. For the past twenty years or more we have carried Kite Marked fittings manufactured by Jinan Meide. A business that are one of the largest producers of cast malleable iron products in the world, producing more than 200,000 tons of cast products per year. Jinan Meide malleable cast products are supplied into over sixty countries worldwide and carry the quality standards required. In the UK, our stocked Jinan Meide BSP malleable Iron threaded products are to BS EN 10242:1995 and carry the Kite Mark.

Malleable Iron Fittings Blackheart Process

The stock of threaded pipe fittings we carry are manufactured to the blackheart process. This process is a method of annealing white cast iron in an inert neutral atmosphere, resulting in lower carbon and sulphur content. The process also has no oxidation and therefore does not release any carbon dioxide, whereas oxidation occurs in the Whiteheart process releasing carbon dioxide gas. Other advantages of the Blackheart process include an entirely ferrite and temper carbon structure with uniform mechanical properties throughout the fittings. The Whiteheart process creates non-uniform mechanical properties with varied thickness. This is just an explanation of the process involved in creating malleable iron and not a comparison of the quality produced via each process

The man credited with inventing the blackheart process that produces such high-quality malleable Malleable Iron Fittingsiron was Seth Boyden. Born in Massachusetts in the United Stated in 1788 and died a pauper in 1870. Even though he was a prolific inventor throughout his life, he did not patent any of his ideas. His ancestry can be traced back to the Atherton family of Lancashire, England in the early 17th century.

Taper/Taper v Taper/Parallel

The debate between those who prefer taper/taper and taper/parallel has gone on for decades. When I started in the industry, the market was divided between those who used Crane malleable iron fittings and George Fischer. Crane fittings in those days were manufactured in England at their plant in Ipswich and were the favoured fitting for installing gas lines. For many years Crane fittings were used by the major gas infrastructure businesses in the UK, Jinan Meide eventually taking their place. In our experience, taper/taper malleable iron fittings are still preferred, and our Kite Marked Jinan Meide fittings are a favourite across many industries. They include gas installations, fire protection, and the compressed air industry. Although threaded products have a great deal of competition in the 21st Century from press and Pushfit systems.

Malleable Iron Fittings Traditional installations

Threaded BSP  iron fittings are the solution for many processes and installations. Traditionally the compressed air industry have always used this medium to complete miles of galvanised pipework. New technology has reduced the amount of malleable iron used these days, but many contractors still trust this truly traditional installation method. Please be aware though, our business does offer all the variables for installing compressed air systems as well as malleable iron fittings. Across other in industries malleable iron pipe fittings have been used for over a century. Many above ground potable water installations were once installed using this product and process water installations can still be found now.

Malleable Iron FittingsThe very first European malleable iron pipe fittings were manufactured in Austria in 1864. Although malleable iron products first appeared in 1826 in the United States and 1827 in Europe. The gas supply industry have used malleable iron pipe fittings for the distribution of gas within property for many decades. The pipeline used to complete the circuit was BS1387:1947 and prior to that BS789:1938. This product was also known as gas list tube when it was approved for use on gas distribution mains.


Probably the most prominent modern use of malleable iron pipe fittings is in the UK fire sprinkler industry. Jinan Meide Kite marked malleable iron pipe fittings are used and trusted by many businesses, we already provide many of the support businesses to this industry with our products.

Other Malleable Iron Products

We provide many other malleable iron products, not just the more obvious BSP threaded fittings. Other castings made from similar material include our range of grooved products for the fire sprinkler and heating and ventilating industries. We offer a full range of groomalleable iron fittingsved products from 25mm (1”) nominal bore to 300mm (12”) nominal bore from stock. Additionally, we supply Fastclamp galvanised handrail fittings which are also a malleable iron product. This versatile range can be used to build anything from a safety rail to garden furniture. Whatever you require, our business can provide quality valve and pipeline products; and not just malleable iron pipe fittings.