Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings to BS EN 10242:1995

Besseges (VTF) Ltd have always carried quality Kite Marked malleable iron pipe fittings now to BS EN 10242:1995, the standard prior to this was BS143 & BS1256:1968 which were separate standards in days gone by, they were BS143:1922 and BS1256:1945. The BS143 standard was and still is threaded taper male and taper female and BS 1256 taper male and parallel female. The BS143 & BS1256:2000 standard still covers malleable iron fittings not covered by malleable iron fittings to BS 10242:1995. The reason we are keeping your business abreast of this information is to assure all our customer base of the simple fact that we can always offer you the correct product to the standards you require, this extends to our entire product range for all pipework, fittings, valves and flanges. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and if you’re not sure what specification is needed we will endeavour to help.

Malleable iron Pipe Fittings

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Jinan Meide

We offer from stock BSP malleable iron pipe fittings to BS EN 10242:1995 manufactured by Jinan Meide, this range of taper male-taper female high quality malleable pipe fittings can be used on various applications including water services, compressed air, petroleum products, natural gas and sewage applications. We have stock available in sizes from 6mm (1/8”) to 100mm (4”) and can deliver next day to most mainland United Kingdom addresses, please contact us to arrange a delivery or discuss prices with our excellent sales team. If you have application issues concerning our malleable iron pipe fittings please send us the details or pick up the phone to discuss your requirements.

Malleable iron Pipe Fittings Jinan Meide

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Domestic Uses

If you look across the World Wide Web you can see that businesses and individuals have used their imagination and extended the uses of this product. Pinterest has a number of images showing malleable iron pipe fittings being used to build furniture, light fittings and even book shelves. So the seemingly boring and very basic pipe fitting can be used to create things of great interest and to some creations of great beauty manufactured from the industrial ugly. So whether you want to install an extension to your factory gas line, compressed air line or whether you want to be creative with the industrial please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you like the pipe fitting design of the light fitting in the image please take the time to visit the website of its creator by following the high-lighted link.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings