Manchester Pipeline Supplier Quality Assured

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are a Manchester pipeline supplier based just outside the City; close to Junction 23 of the M60. We have operated for just over thirty years, under a management team which has been here almost from the start. The current Managing Director just celebrated a thirtieth anniversary with the business, with her support team following closely behind with over twenty nine years each. This continuity with the management team and our staff are what’s made our business a successful Manchester pipeline supplier.

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd opened its doors as a Manchester pipeline supplier on the 1st October 1988 with only the present MD and two others. Our warehouse and trade counter were a small part of James Howe Mill, Ashton under Lyne. The same space presently Manchester Pipeline Supplierholds our stock of welding fittings and some of our valve stock; the tube wrack was in the mill yard. Thirty years have changed our business beyond all recognition; two warehouses are barely large enough to hold the stock required. Three people are now seventeen including our directors, which is likely to become eighteen in the coming months; to read more about our business, carry on reading this Blog.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Innovation at its Heart

There are many reasons why our business has grown and prospered, great staff have played a big role. But at the heart of our business is the fact we move with the times, if innovation is happening in the valve and pipeline industry; we are a leader not a follower. Over the thirty years we have been trading, the industries we supply have changed and so their requirements.Manchester Pipeline Supplier

Innovation in pipeline products have brought many new products to improve installation efficiency and reduce the possibility of leaks. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd as a leading Manchester pipeline supplier have already become distributors of some of these products. We are Manchester’s M-Press Distributor with available stock in sizes from 15mm to 100mm bore. M-Press M-Profile press fittings reduce installation time and offer an excellent product warranty.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Quality Assured M-Press

You could spend your money with our competitors offering Geberit and Sanha, but why pay more for the same quality of material. I can already here the salesman telling you that the M-Press range is inferior; and doesn’t carry the same certification as their product. All I can tell you about that and excuse the Americanism, but what a load of baloney.Manchester Pipeline Supplier

We’ve heard this rubbish for the last two years and know it isn’t true and next time your contractor is a guest at Old Trafford or The Etihad. Consider who is paying for the privilege; it certainly isn’t the contractor and it’s not the Distributor. Personally, I would look very closely at your next invoice; knowing that the representative had a great day out and probably drank a few too many. What he or she probably did was to enforce the message; that other products are inferior and don’t have the same certification.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Wide Range of Material Available

As you would expect from a great Manchester pipeline supplier, we offer a wide range of product in different materials. As a stockholder we carry a range of pipeline, fittings, valves and flanges in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, copper, brass and bronze. Our business is a distributor for a number of manufacturers, directly and indirectly.

At this point we could write a huge list of all we can supply your business; but instead I would direct you to our product page or to if you would prefer to place an order online. Although we are a Manchester based business here in Ashton under Lyne; we can deliver anywhere across the United Kingdom and the wider World, just about anything is possible. Whatever you are looking for you can also contact our excellent sales team.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Technical Sales Team

Customer support is clearly important when you want to be the best possible Manchester pipeline supplier. Working with contractors and end users on their individual projects is an important part of what we offer at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. We don’t claim to design pipework systems for process steam, compressed air, gas or water. What we do have is the information to hand to ensure, we supply the correct size according to the information provided by our customers.Manchester Pipeline Supplier

We have worked with many businesses on steam mains and branches to ensure the correct load is carried to the individual processes. At the same time, we have also ensured that when required, businesses have the right steam traps, control and pressure reducing valves. Additionally, we have looked at problem heat exchangers, calculated the stall point and then supplied the correctly sized pumping trap; thus, improving process efficiency and in some cases reducing running costs.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Technical Team Compressed Air

Recently we worked with a local manufacturer on their compressed air system and offered a number of options to replace the existing system; as well as providing the correctly sized pipework for them to extend what they already had. What we did find when looking at this particular installation, was the fact that an extension that had been previously installed was not in fact correctly sized.

This was confirmed by the customers overall experience with the installation. Although the replacement was a similar size, it was in fact different material to reduce the friction and increase the volume carried. The replacement material in this case was EQOAIR aluminium pipework and fittings, making the installation easier to install; due to the light weight design and low torque fittings that can be installed by hand. This also negated the need to hire a threading machine or consider doing the pipework in a larger bore.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier ISO 9001:2015

Another important step taken this year in 2018 was the updating of our quality assurance system. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have been a quality assured business since 1993, the first standard we attained was BS 5750-1:1987 which became ISO 9001. Our original quality system was actually written by the Consultant who still looks after our quality procedures now in 2018 adding another layer of continuity to our business.

The current standard we have recently achieved is ISO 9001:2015, a standard that has been adopted by business across the World. An international standard of quality procedures which had already passed the one million business mark nearly a decade ago on its twenty fifth anniversary. For a copy of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate please follow the highlighted link to download it or if you prefer contact, our sales team. For us this adherence to best practice and product traceability, is what makes our business stand out as a Manchester pipeline supplier.

Manchester Pipeline Supplier Visit our Trade Counter

We have an excellent trade counter facility close enough to the City of Manchester to be convenient and far enough to avoid road congestion. We are based close to the M60, only a five minute drive from junction 23 and almost a stones throw from Oldham Road. Our Trade Counter opens at 8:00am and closes at 5:00pm Monday to Friday; and arrangements can be made for account customers to collect goods outside these hours. We even offer a service that covers weekends and bank holidays for account customers who have breakdowns or shutdown work to complete.Manchester Pipeline Supplier

Our Trade Counter facility covers all the bases possible and over the years we have serviced the needs of our customer base during the Christmas break and other Bank Holidays. The difference between what we offer in comparison to other Manchester pipeline supplier businesses is the fact we only charge for the goods collected. No additional call out charges will be applied to orders collected out of normal working hours.

If you would like to open a Trade Account with us, please follow the link to become a customer of this Manchester pipeline supplier; Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd “for all your valve and pipeline requirements”.