Press Fittings by MPress from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of the MPress range of press fittings and pipework. Besseges are looking forward to offering all our contractor based customers a high quality range of press fittings and pipework in carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. This highly versatile and high quality product will be available on our shelves in the coming weeks and can be delivered right across the UK on a mainly next day basis. Some geographic exceptions may apply for this service. If you are not familiar with the M-Press range of press fittings please contact us or click the read more icon for more information.

Press Fittings by MPress

Press Fittings by MPress

M-Press press fittings will be available from stock at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd in 15mm to 108mm sizes in carbon steel, copper and stainless steel. This product already has a proven track record in Germany and is already WRAS approved in the copper and stainless versions in the UK. MPress press fittings have an insurance backed guarantee for each range, 25 years for the carbon steel, 30 years for the copper and 40 years for the stainless steel range. These guarantees only apply on systems that have been installed correctly using calibrated pressing tool’s, the use of non-calibrated pressing tools negates all guarantees. This to the best of our knowledge applies to all press-fitting ranges.  This new range of products was only launched in the UK on the 3rd March and is already making an impact in the press-fittings market. You can be assured of a high quality product and stock availability to match any of its competitors and by discussing your requirements with your new MPress press fittings distributor we can arrange training and the means to install this new and versatile range of press fitting products.  Ensuring a permanent joint is easily achieved with the M-Press range of pipework and press fittings. Please contact us to arrange a delivery or to discuss our best prices.

M-Press Fittings with tool

Press Fitting by MPress Stainless Steel

The system press-fittings are comprised of high-alloy, austenitic, non-rusting Cr-Ni-Mo steel with material no. 1.4404 (AISI 316L) according to EN 10088. The diameters of these press fittings are engineered for pipes according to the requirements of EN 10312 and/or DVGW GW 541 and are delivered with factory installed EPDM gaskets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this high quality versatile press fittings product range.

Press Fittings by MPress Stainless Steel

Press Fittings by MPress Carbon Steel

The M-Press Press-steel Pipe is a longitudinally seam welded, thin-walled precision steel pipe. The pipe is externally electro galvanized and the weld seam is smoothed in order to guarantee a flawless leak-proof surface. The MPRESS PRESS-STEEL press-fittings made of unalloyed steel E 195 (Rst 34-2) factory material no. 1.0034 according to DIN EN 10305-3 can be supplied in dimensions 12 – 108mm. The electro galvanization protects the fitting against external corrosion. The fittings are permanently marked with the manufacturer’s logo and the “electroplated” label. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange delivery.

Press Fittings by M-Press Carbon Steel

Press Fittings by M-Press Copper

M-Press Copper press fittings are available for use with commercial copper and bronze tube and are available in sizes from 12mm bore to 108mm bore. A versatile range of products already highly used in the commercial plumbing and heating industry. A great deal quicker to install than traditional solder products and hailed a great success across mainland Europe and the United Kingdom. Please contact us for this and all other press fitting products including suitable valves for this type of installation. You can always be assured with Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd that we offer quality products at competitive prices and we continue to ensure that we follow our long standing imperative “For All Your Pipeline Requirements”.

Press Fittings by MPress Copper