Pipe Fittings from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

At Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we can offer an array of pipe fittings in materials such as malleable iron, steel, stainless steel, copper and plastics. We have since taking to Blog writing passed on a great deal of information to customers and potential customers, ensuring that all who visit our Website can be assured of knowing what we can offer them in stock and product knowledge. There are many businesses offering a similar range of pipe fittings, valves, tubes and flanges, but very few that can be as confident as we are that our customers are served the best they possibly can be. For more information on what we can offer your business please click the read on tag or contact our Sales Team by telephoning 0161 343 2225 or by following the contact us link high-lighted.

Pipe Fittings from Besseges (Valves,Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

Pipe Fittings in Malleable Iron

We can offer pipe fittings in malleable iron to BS EN 10242:1995 in Jinan Meide, this quality taper-taper malleable iron product is of the highest quality and we offer this pipe fitting in black and galvanised finishes. For further information on this versatile product please refer to our other Blogs on the subject or contact our Sales Team today.

Pipe Fittings in Malleable Iron BS EN 10242:1995

Pipe Fittings in Steel (Wrought Iron) to BS EN 10241:2000

This range of quality steel threaded pipe fittings can also be found on our shelves in black and galvanised finishes, although we sell a great deal more of this product to carry process steam in the black finish. This range of pipe fittings are better known throughout the industry as wrought iron fittings, even though it is many years since they were manufactured this way under the previous standard of BS 1740:1971. This range of pipe fittings is available from stock in sizes 6mm (1/8”) to 80mm (3”) and you will find we carry a full range of elbows, tees, nipples and reducers, to check stock please contact us today.

Steel Fittings to BS EN 10241:2000 (BS1740:1971)

Pipe Fittings for Welding to ASME, DIN & BS

Added to our excellent range of BSP threaded pipe fittings is a full range of welding fittings available from 25mm (1”) to 400mm (16”) from stock and larger available on a longer lead time. The welding fittings we offer come in ASME B16.9:2012, DIN pipe fittings to EN 10253-1:1999 (DIN 2605) & BS1965-1:1963. Each range we offer is of high quality and we can find any fitting to suit your dimensional and specification requirements. For example in 65mm (2 ½”) nominal bore we offer 76.1mm od and 73.03 od pipe fittings or in 150mm (6”) nominal bore we offer 165.1mm od and 168.3mm od pipe fittings. These dimensional variances can be found across many specifications and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd can offer you the product you require to suit your pipe or tube requirements, please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Welding Pipe Fittings from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

Pipe Fittings in BSP Stainless Steel 150lb

We offer a full range of BSP stainless steel pipe fittings to ISO 4144:2003 with BSP threads to DIN 2999. This range of pipe fittings includes elbows, tees, coupling, unions, nipples and reducers. For more information and dimensions on this range of pipe fittings please download the Genebre Industrial line Catalogue or talk to our Sales team today who will provide you with any certification available and our stock availability.


UPVc & ABS Pipe Fittings

Please contact us for all your requirements in plastic pipework and fittings, Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd offer a wide range of stock in UPVc and ABS from Comer. As well as pipe fittings in glued or BSP we can offer an excellent range of valves and pipe lengths in Class C, Class E and Class 7 threading quality UPVc tube. To download the latest price list visit our Downloads and Calculators page and download the latest Albion Plastics List or talk to our Sales Team. In addition talk to us about your glue and cleaner requirements available for delivery at your convenience, subject to some restrictions for certain areas of the UK and to ensure overnight delivery please contact us prior to 3:00pm.

UPVc Pipe Fittings from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

Pipe Fittings in Copper

We do also offer a full range of copper pipe fittings from 15mm to 76mm in capillary, end feed and compression. Add to this stock availability of copper tube from 15mm to 54mm and we are sure we can offer all your requirements for next day delivery with some restrictions based on time and area. Please talk to us about any or all your valve and tube requirements in any of the materials we have discussed on this Blog and even those we haven’t covered today. For more information on our whole range of products contact us today.