Press Fittings and Pipe for Compressed Air

Press fittings and pipe are available in various materials to cover a multitude of distribution systems. We can offer material that will carry water, gas, chemicals, AdBlue, oils and now compressed air. The fact is our stainless steel

Press Fittings and Pipe

system has always been a carrier of compressed air; and some have used carbon press fittings and pipe for compressed air systems. The issue with using carbon press fittings and pipe is the fact that standard carbon press pipework is only zinc coated on the outside. This means any moisture within a compressed air system could cause corrosion. To read more on press fittings and pipe for compressed air, please click the read more tag.

Press Fittings and Pipe Stainless Steel

Press fittings and pipe from M-Press in 316 stainless steel fitted with FPM green seals is ideal for compressed air systems. The FPM green seals will not react with the oils or water in a compressed air distribution system. The stainless steel pipe and fittings are an ideal carrier for compressed air distribution; and can be installed trouble free and can be easily supported. The support mechanism required as far less arduous than installing in galvanised steel pipe as light weight support bracketry can be employed for the task. Press fittings and pipe in stainless steel also provides the clean lines so many end users look for.Press Fittings and Pipe

Other advantages of using this product are the time taken to complete an installation and the fact when compared to galvanised pipe and fittings. A threading machine is not required on-site, which can be an issue when installing on clean industrial sites. This includes food manufacturing and distribution warehouses where hygiene is a daily requirement. Larger bore systems can also be completed in press fittings and pipe where welded systems would normally be installed. Even a site with hygienic stainless steel pipework with spinning flanges in our opinion cannot offer the advantages to the high quality M-Press system.

Press Fittings and Pipe Zinc/Zinc Range

Cleary press fittings installed using zinc inside and zinc outside pipe do not offer the same advantaged or the longevity of stainless steel. But the zinc/zinc system does offer a huge price advantage over its stainless cousin. For more details on this and stock availability please contact our excellent sales team for assistance. As we write this Blog, we are awaiting the first stocks of the zinc inside and zinc outside M-Press pipe (expected November 2019). Once they are available, we will announce this through our sales team and Websites. It will be available through our Ecommerce site Press Fittings and Pipeand our main Website the addresses are and 

The reason so many compressor houses are using the zinc/zinc press system; is down to the fact of speed and ease of installation. Although the material cost is much higher than the traditional galvanised pipe and malleable iron. The true cost of the installation is reduced due to the reduction in labour costs. At one time we would have used the word man-hours, but we now live in a world of person-hours which doesn’t quite roll of the tongue yet. While we offer press pipe and fittings and pipe for compresses air systems, it isn’t the only game in town for ease of installation or the lighter alternative. The next paragraphs will explore another system that can offer the same advantages and not require any installation aids; such as a press machine.

Press Fittings and Pipe the Competition

An alternative to press fittings and pipe for compressed air systems is the EQOFLUID aluminium system. This does not require the investment of a press machine whether for hire or purchase and can be installed without any tools on the pipework itself. EQOFLUID aluminium pipe and fittings is available in similar sizes to the press fittings and pipe; with the standard 16 bar rated system only requiring hand tight fitting. Like press this is a push together range and when the nut is tightened to the correct torque will carry compressed air to a maximum pressure of 16 bar.

Further advantages to this over press are the outlets available using the EQOFLUID ball valve and attachments. Double push-fit pneumatic outlets can be easily achieved using the EQOFLUID adaptors in conjunction with the ball valve. When fitting EQOFLUID pipework systems a complete ring main can be installed without adding a single outlet. These can be added later as and when required by using the EQOFLUID adaptors and a hole-saw.Press Fittings and Pipe

Like our M-Press press fittings and pipe for compressed air systems, the EQOFLUID aluminium system is a high quality solution to achieve fast and efficient installation. The fact that the fittings we offer are manufactured from aluminium unlike many of our competitors who supply plastic fittings is an advantage. One of the central issues associated with applying plastic fittings to aluminium pipe is the fact that; heat causes the fittings and pipe to expand and contract at different rates. This problem does not occur when aluminium pipe and aluminium fittings are installed.

Press Fittings and Pipe Best Solutions

We always try to offer our customers the best solution to their installation requirements and understand that economics is behind many decisions made by business. But the truth is a cheaper solution may appear to be the right decision in the short term. In the long term it also may be the worst possible answer from both an economic point of view and more importantly how it effects the environment.Press Fittings and Pipe

By choosing the cheap alternative, business could face more maintenance costs; due to replacement material and the increased possibility of leaks. In a World where we are already suffering from climate problems, it is worth thinking about the environmental implications of our installation decisions. Making the right choices now whether on press fittings and pipe systems or any installation. Could have a long lasting and positive impact on future generations; by contacting our sales team might assist you in finding the right product for your next project.