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Press Fittings Installation, are you doing it right.

Installing a press fittings system appears to be the simplest way to put together your next pipework project or is it. Over many decades and more, pipework has been threaded, welded, flanged, soldered or compression depending on the material and medium travelling through your pipeline. Now we offer Press Fittings from M-Press and the decision to be made is does the amount of time saved justify the difference in cost, we believe in most cases when installing certain mediums that it does. All you have to remember is to follow the simple guidelines provided by all manufacturers of press fittings product such as our favourite M-Press and the rest being Geberit, Sanha and Yorkshire Xpress, there may be others available on the market at the present time but these four in our opinion are the market leaders. Now back to the question of are you doing it right, as I said this is a very simple and efficient way to install pipework, but if you miss a step in the guidelines offered by the manufacturers, not only do you risk leaks and damage to your clients property you also invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty which could come back and bite you in the future. For more information on Press Fittings please continue reading this Blog by clicking read more or contact our helpful and knowledgeable sales team.

Press Fittings

Press Fittings a simple guide

To complete the best possible installation of press fittings, be sure to follow the manufacturers’ guidelines on fitting this product. The following is a summary of the requirements for the installation of press fittings and pipework, this is just a guide and not the manufacturers fitting instructions but we believe that by following the correct procedure M-Press press fittings offers a simple and straight forward solution to many simple pipeline installations. In particular when fitting commercial domestic water and heating equipment the M-Press stainless steel press fitting range offers an excellent solution to the theft of copper pipe due to the enormous difference between the scrap value of stainless steel compared to copper and brass. Please contact us to discuss you press fittings requirements as we offer the full range available from 15mm to 54mm in copper, stainless steel and carbon steel, and now the guide.

Press Fittings

  1. Cut the tube square
  2. De-burr the internal and external tube ends
  3. Clean the tube ends with wire wool
  4. Check to ensure there are no burrs or sharp edges on the tube
  5. Mark the tube using the M-Press Depth Gauge
  6. Remove the press fittings from the bag
  7. Fully insert the fitting to the depth gauge mark on the tube
  8. Only begin pressing when you are certain the fitting and the seal are in the correct position
  9. Do not Press unsupported fittings or pipe (The correct support brackets must be installed)
  10. Insert the correct Jaws into your machine
  11. Place the jaws over the fitting in the correct position maintaining a 90° angle between the tube and the jaws
  12. Press the trigger on your press fitting machine and wait for the machine to complete its cycle
  13. Remove the press fitting jaws and machine from the fitting
  14. Please ensure that your Press Fittings machine has an up to date calibration certificate as this could affect your warranty.

Press Fittings

We hope that the information provided will be useful to yourself and your business and we look forward to serving your M-Press press fittings requirements now and in the future, for valves to suit or for that matter any other valves and pipeline requirements please contact us today.

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