Press Fittings by M-Press from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

The need for faster installation and increased health and safety regulations on hot working required a simple solution for the pipe fitting industry. So whether you’re a Plumber, Heating Engineer, Gas Fitter or you just see yourself as a Pipe Fitter we have the solution at Besseges (VTF) Ltd. Now available from stock we offer M-Press Press-Fittings from PCC, this versatile product range can be used on water services, heating, compressed air, gas installation and chemical installations and if you’re not sure whether it is suitable for your application please contact us to discuss you’re requirements.

Press Fittings by M-Press

Press Fittings by M-Press Material

M-Press Press Fittings are available in carbon steel, copper and 316 stainless steel and when installed to the manufacturers specifications gives a long service life with excellent manufacturer warranties starting at 25 years for the carbon steel, 30 years for the copper and 40 years for the 316 stainless steel. This high quality range of Press Fittings from a world renowned manufacturer offers many solutions in the very competitive world of H & V installation and is now available from stock here at Besseges (VTF) Ltd, please contact us for prices and to arrange delivery to your premises or to site.

Press Fittings by M-Press Stainless Steel

Press Fittings by M-Press Training

For more information on the M-Press Press Fittings range please contact our sales team or visit our Website to download the latest product information and or Press Fittings price list. Full training and certification can be arranged for all your installation teams at your premises or on site if required. This is offered as a free service and each training session takes around an hour to complete. Each individual attending the training session will be issued with a training certificate which will always give your clients greater confidence in your business and staff. For more information on the training available or to arrange training for your own installers please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Press Fittings by M-Press Copper

Press Fittings by M-Press Tools

So whether you’re installing domestic services for housing or the heating system in a large public building you can be sure that M-Press Press Fittings and associated pipework will ensure a quality installation. For the purchase or hire of the tooling required to install this excellent product range please talk to us today. We can offer competitive prices to purchase the tools required to install M-Press Press Fittings or arrange excellent discounts on the hire of the Novapress tool from Speedy Hire.

Press Fittings by M-Press Tools