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Press Fittings Manchester Stockist

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are your leading press fittings Manchester stockist, we carry an extensive range of M-Press press fittings in sizes from 15mm to 54mm with access to larger sizes where available. If your business is working anywhere in the Manchester area we offer the best possible solution for all your pipeline requirements, as well as being the area’s leading M-Press distributor we can offer malleable iron pipe fittings, tube to BS EN 10255:2004, welding fittings, flanges and valve products. To explore our full range of pipeline products please click the high-lighted link or contact our excellent sales team to discuss your requirements. For more information on press fittings Manchester, please continue to read this Blog by clicking read more.

Press Fittings Manchester

Press Fittings Manchester Stainless Steel M-Press

For press fittings Manchester Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd an offer the full range of WRAS approved stainless steel products, from stock you can purchase 15mm to 54mm sizes and in addition we can also offer up to 108mm on very reasonable lead times. This range can be provided with the full range of M-Press seals including the standard EPDM seals which are suitable for many installations including potable water, demineralised water, ADBLUE (please contact us) and many more applications. For the full story please download the latest M-Press press fittings guide by clicking the high-lighted link, the O-Ring section can be found on page 13 of this publication. Press fittings Manchester M-Press products in stainless steel are manufactured in 316 grade and come complete with EPDM black seals, other seals available are FPM green and HNBR yellow. Each seal allows for different mediums to be addressed covering a wide range which includes mineral oils, compressed air, hot water heating installations and gas pipeline installations. This comprehensive range in stainless steel can be used to install commercial hot and cold water systems where copper would normally be installed. The scrap value of thin wall stainless steel should reduce theft associated with copper systems, something well worth considering in the public sector especially where access to buildings and plant can be more difficult to secure. Please contact us to ensure competitive prices and a prompt delivery today.

Press Fittings Manchester

Press Fittings Manchester Copper M-Press

For availability and quality we are one of the best press fittings Manchester distributors for M-Press products. Our current stock levels are ample to ensure a fast delivery for businesses to complete small to medium sized installations and in addition we have access to almost £500,000 of M-Press stock from their Northern warehouse just outside the City of Leeds. We are extremely proud of our relationship with our growing customer base and the ability of our sales and warehouse team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Press fittings Manchester copper M-Press have all the required approvals and quality associated with M-Profile fittings and pipe and are very competitively priced against Yorkshire Xpress, Geberit and Sanha ranges of similar products. Quality assurance is at the heart of our business ethos and to enforce this we are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and have held this approval since 1993. Ensuring quality and traceability in this day and age is a minimum requirement for business and we have done this consistently for over twenty years. Dealing with a business such as ours ensures confidence due to good stock levels across a large range of pipeline products and staff that have excellent knowledge and ability. We are certain that no matter what you require from us we will offer the right solution and this definitely includes press fittings Manchester M-Press products. For more information please contact us or download the latest M-Press price list by clicking the high-lighted link.

Press Fittings Manchester

Press Fittings Manchester Carbon Steel M-Press

As with all other press fittings Manchester M-Press products we offer a wide range of M-Press carbon steel pipe and fittings from stock in 15mm to 54mm sizes. This versatile and high quality product is used extensively on hot water heating installations for a maximum pressure of 16 bar and a maximum temperature of 120°C. Press fittings Manchester M-Press carbon steel tube is available in 6 meter lengths in 15mm to 108mm sizes and has a zinc coated exterior. This light weight and easily installed product comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, installation must be completed to manufacturers guide lines and insulation should be always approved by the press fittings manufacturer, for further details please contact us. Press fittings Manchester M-Press carbon steel fittings are being used on major installations across the United Kingdom and here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we offer a wide selection of product on the shelf. In addition we can aid in product selection especially where existing systems are being extended. Further advantages of using the M-Press range of press fittings Manchester products include warranty for our product when extending existing systems that have been installed originally using other manufacturer’s products. This sensible approach from M-Press recognises the quality of other systems and enforces the confidence in their own product range; we believe this also highlights the sometimes petty and unfortunate words of others in the press fitting industry. Whatever your requirements are we can provide your business with the solution you’re looking for whether this is press fittings Manchester M-Press products, press valves or any other pipeline, valves, flanges or fittings please contact us today. To buy online please visit our sister Website ValvesTubesFittings.com.

Press Fittings Manchester

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