Press Tube and Fittings M-Pressive Range

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd have been a Distributor of M-Pressive press tube and fittings from M-Press now for four years. In that time we have seen the popularity of this product grow as others in the same industry have declined. This wide range of press tube and fittings can provide solutions across many industries; including for gas installations, compressed air, water, AD-Blue, chemical and heating systems. Whatever pipeline system you are looking to install, Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd can provide the solution, please click read more to reading this tube and fittings

Press Tube and Fittings Stainless Steel

M-Press stainless steel press tube and fittings are suitable for natural gas and potable water as long as the correct seals are used. For gas installations we provide press tube and fittings with HNBR seals for gas installations, with the stainless-steel press tube and fittings being DVGW certified. For potable water installations we provide the same stainless-steel M-Press tube and fittings complete with black EPDM seals, both WRAS approved, a trusted assurance across the UK water tube and fittings

Press tube and fittings ins stainless steel can also be used to install compressed air lines as long as the seals are FKM rather than EPDM. The reason behind this is due to the fact that many compressor systems contain oil residue. The oil in compressed air lines can cause standard EPDM seals to swell; which in turn could cause leaking joints. There are some in the industry that complete compressed air lines in carbon steel, but this must be done with zinc coated tube internally and externally and FKM seals are still recommended.

When installing AD-Blue pipelines the same 316 stainless steel press tube and fittings can provide a long-term solution for this product. Standard EPDM seals are suitable for AD-Blue installations and are available in sizes from 15mm to 168mm, for the old fashioned amongst us ½” to 6” bore. Please contact our sales team for more information or visit the Downloads and Calculators page to download a copy of the M-Press press tube and fittings guide and or current price list.

Press Tube and Fittings Copper

Copper press tube and fittings are available from stock in 15mm to 54mm and beyond this we cannot offer M-Press in larger sizes. The previously mentioned press tube and fittings for gas lines can be purchased in copper as well as stainless steel. The clear advantage of using stainless gas rather than copper gas is the scrap value of stainless is a fraction of that of copper. This makes stainless steel far less attractive to thieves who generally steal copper tube and fittings

Copper press tube and fittings can be used on potable water systems domestically and commercially. It is ideal for large multi occupancy installations in the case of M-Press that don’t exceed 54mm size. Situations where press tube and fittings stand head hand shoulders above other options; are clearly where hot working is prohibited. The speed of installing a press system can be streets ahead of alternatives like compression and if installed correctly comes with a thirty year warranty.

Press Tube and Fittings Carbon Steel

The carbon steel press tube and fitting range has many uses across the commercial heating and by some in the compressed air industry. For commercial heating this is a very competitively priced product, that if installed in the right way, with the correct insulation. Can offer decades of trouble free service. Carbon steel press is provided with EPDM black seals and has been widely used for commercial heating systems in public buildings. At the time of writing this we believe that it has never been used or is approved for use in domestic or multi occupancy accommodation in the UK.

When installing insulation to carbon steel press tube and fittings, the manufacturers strict guidelines must be followed. Standard foam insulation widelpress tube and fittingsy used for copper pipes and fittings is we believe not suitable for carbon steel press systems. If the insulation does trap moisture on the surface of the carbon steel pipe; this can result in corrosion that will damage the external surface of the material. Equally if air is contained within carbon press tube and fittings systems, this could also result in corrosion on the internal surfaces.

We believe it is important when choosing press tube and fittings that all aspects of an installation should be considered. When choosing the material to complete your works, take the time to talk to the manufacturer and or distributor. We offer advise and assistance across many valve and pipeline products to our customer base. This ensures that whether dealing with contractors or end users that they are provided with the right information. We have an excellent technical sales team here at Besseges (VTF) Ltd, trusted by our customer base; let us know if we can help your business.

Press Tube and Fittings Calibration and Certification

When installing any press tube and fittings system it is important that the tools being used have a calibration certificate that is current. If an installation is completed by a press tool that does not have a current calibration certificate. The installed pipework has no warranty and should be removed and re-installed with a certified tool. In the case of contractors that use non certified equipment, they are in fact the certified tool; and it can be assumed that they came into town with a six gun strapped to their waist.

Although we canpress tube and fittings joke about some contractors in that way, it is important to check that they have the certification required. In addition, it is also prudent to ask the question of what training they have completed for the installation of press tube and fittings. Each business that manufactures for the United Kingdom market offers training to installers. M-Press and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd provide this training and certification free of charge (as at the time of writing this Blog May 2018).

If you would like to arrange training for your installation team; please contact us. E-Commerce customers reading this Blog can access press tube and fittings and of course other valve & pipeline products; by visiting our online store or our M-Press range with just a click. We look forward to working with your business in the future.