Slowing the rate of Climate Change

In a rapidly changing world, where there is probably a climate change protest every day somewhere on the planet. Where some protesters spray buildings with fake blood or lie in the road to disrupt the lives of the general population. It is clearly time for change, most of us probably sit somewhere between those claiming a climate emergency and those denying climate change exists at all. My own opinion is we need to protect our planet for future generations; and the changes we make now will last long into the future. This is why we should all be contributing to slowing the rate of climate change.

Slowing the rate of climate change

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Slowing the rate of climate change Sustainability 

As a supplier to varying industries from energy to manufacturing, our business has a responsibility to make changes as well. In this case I am not talking about our LED lights or automatic lighting systems. These are sensible changes that just save on the cost of our energy bills and are only small contributions to slowing the rate of climate change. What needs to happen is so much bigger and will probably change economics and the way businesses trade across the planet. Experience tells us all that many businesses despite grand plans, often look for inexpensive solutions to long term problems.

Slowing the rate of climate change

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Expanding manufacturing as it is needed for a growing world population , should be sustainable and most of all fit for the long term. If within the pipeline supply and contracting industries, we continue to allow poor quality products leading to mediocre installations. We then contribute to climate change, because the model we follow now is led by cost cutting. Every building that is erected has a base cost and those contractors tendering for the construction contracts. Are continually pressed to reduce that cost whatever the consequences are. Every construction we plan and build in the future should be made from sustainable materials.

Slowing the rate of Climate Change Fundamental Change

While that should apply to the erection of buildings, it should also apply to the products that create the processes and heating systems within. If you build a factory for instance, the base model for construction should follow a set of rules that creates the opportunity for slowing the rate of climate change. By doing this now, we create a better future for subsequent generations. In a world so driven by cost rather than sustainability, we are creating more and more disharmony. This then allows the more extreme amongst us to whip up a frenzy amid the often disenchanted, creating a climate of fear and sometimes hatred.

Returning to the point of this Blog, to contribute to the slowing the rate of climate change; fundamental changes need to be made. The expansion of production facilities should come with caveats ensuring that the installations are sustainable. This should apply to the quality of the installation and quality of the products used to complete the works. I know when designers and consultants put together projects for their clients, they put forward ideal solutions to benefit production and reduce maintenance costs. The problem occurs after this when several contractors are vying for the same projects.

Fit for purpose in the long term

Rather than presenting a potential client with a true cost of an installation, some use various methods to reduce the cost. Specifications by the consultants can be followed to the letter in some cases, whereas the vision of what was intended is lost. It only takes a word or a sentence to create a loophole which could allow for a cheaper and sometimes inferior product to be used on a distribution system. Each time the tender for the works to be done is sent out to five or more sub-contractors. The quality of the completed works can diminish substantially as some will always exploit words to reduce prices; or even increase margins. What is often the case, is the honest quality contractor who offers a price based on the words and the consultant’s vision. Never wins the work as they are out-priced by inferior products and or cut price installation.

Slowing the rate of climate change

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These are the practices we need to eliminate to ensure that we have a chance in the future of slowing the rate of climate change. Everyone of us has a responsibility to those coming after us to create an environment. Where best practice is the leader in construction and engineering; and the tendering process is straight forward and transparent. Every installation should then meet the standards required for the client and ensure that each distribution system. Is fit for purpose in the long term, and that twenty four months or less after it has been completed. The end user is not paying out for excessive maintenance or refurbishments.

Business should lead the way 

Slowing the rate of climate change is not just about personal responsibility. It requires a collective responsibility, a coming together in the supply and contracting industries  to ensure the future of our World. Protesting may bring climate change to the peoples’ attention but when done in the wrong way; the same people switch off to it. Governments can issue edicts, but words without leadership and true intent are hollow, business can lead the next phase of what needs to be done.

If each and every construction and engineering project reflected the true cost. Especially from our perspective in the pipeline industry, we would complete installations that stood the test of time. Making our mark on slowing the rate of climate change, while at the same time being able say to future generations that we did all we possibly could. For more information on all we have to offer the pipeline indusrty: contact our sales team.