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Stainless Steel Ball Valves Genebre

With so many stainless steel ball valves available in the UK why would you choose the Genebre range from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd, the main reason certainly from our own perspective is quality. Two of our best selling products are Genebre stainless steel ball valves and we carry enough stock here to satisfy the requirements of most users of these products. There are others in the UK that offer Genebre valves products, but the stock availability is negligible and delivery from Genebre can be two weeks or longer unless you are willing to pay heavy carriage costs. Here at Besseges we offer a comprehensive range of two piece and three piece stainless steel ball valves from stock in sizes from 8mm (¼”) to 100mm (4”) with end connections in BSP threaded, flanged, socket weld and butt weld, the latter two are only available in the three piece range. For more information on all we have by clicking read more or contact our sales team who can provide pricing information and data sheets for these or any of our product ranges.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves Genebre ART 2014

The Genebre article 2014 stainless steel ball valves are available in sizes from 8mm (¼”) to 80mm (3”) and is a full bore BSP threaded version CF8M (316) stainless steel investment casting with 15% carbon filled PTFE seats and seals and a Viton O-Ring stem seal. These stainless steel ball valves are rated to a maximum working pressure of 63 bar, covering a temperature range of -25°C to 180°C and are manually operated with a lockable handle. As with many other Genebre stainless steel ball valves this version has a blow-out proof stem and has a proven track record for quality and long service but comes at a very competitive price. This same valve is also available in a NPT threaded version ART 2014N on a longer lead time than our stock version, please contact our sales team to discuss price and suitability for your process, we can also provide a full data sheet, more details are available on page 17 of the Genebre Industrial Line Catalogue, please click the high-lighted link to open this catalogue or visit our Downloads and Calculators page to explore other Genebre products. Genebre Stainless steel ball valves can be used across many mediums which include water, brown water, fuels, low pressure process steam, compressed air and a multitude of process chemical lines associated with the use of stainless steel. If you’re not sure what is suitable for your process needs please contact our excellent technical sales team to discuss your specific requirement


stainless steel ball valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves Genebre ART 2025 ART 2026 & ART 2027

The next item is one of our most popular choices of stainless steel ball valves the three piece Genebre ART 2025 BSP threaded unit has a maximum working pressure of 63 bar and a maximum working temperature of 180°C, the temperature and pressure graph is provided on the valve data sheet available via our sales team. The seats and seals are the same as the Genebre ART 2014 stainless steel ball valves, the key differences between the two valves are the ART 2025 three piece is a three piece unit offering easier installation as the ends split from the main valve body and the seats and seal on the ART 2025, ART 2026 and ART 2027 are replaceable or as some of our customers already do just split the body from a replacement valve and insert into an existing installation. The other two three piece stainless steel ball valves mentioned are the butt weld and socket weld versions respectively. The mediums these stainless steel ball valves are suitable for is similar to what we have already described in the previous paragraph although we can offer replacement 25% carbon filled seats at extra cost which will allow for an increase in the working temperature to 260°C. This allows for the valve being used on steam systems with working pressures of around 10 to 13 bar, the only reason we stop at 13 bar is we haven’t used this product on a system above this pressure. For more information on all our available stainless steel ball valves please contact our sales team.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves Genebre ART 2528

This quality and competitively prices flanged range of stainless steel ball valves are available flanged PN40 from 15mm (½”) to 40mm (1 ½”) and flanged PN16 from 50mm (2”) to 200mm (8”) with a maximum working pressure denoted by the flanges and a maximum working temperature 180°C, again the temperature and pressure curve is available on the data sheet as discussed earlier in this Blog. This valve and our three piece versions can be actuated with pneumatic or electric actuators as well as coming in a manual version. As with all Genebre products quality is assured and of course expected from one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers. Please contact us to discuss all your valve and pipeline requirements, we look forward to hearing from your business whether your based in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world, we will always try to satisfy you Genebre requirements for stainless steel ball valves.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves


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