Steam for Brewing Perfect Ale

The perfect pint of real ale or even a really good pint of the of beer for those that love their CAMRA pubs and bars; is an art in itself for those that produce Ales and Beers the World over. The key is to produce something that is special to different groups of growing ale connoisseurs. Clearly, we aren’t all Connoisseurs, although many of us would like to think we are; myself included. Ale producers use all their knowledge to brew great beer. Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes and Fittings) Ltd we use all our knowledge; to ensure they have controlled and efficient steam for brewing the perfect ale.steam for brewing

Apart from all the wonderful ingredients required to brew the best IPA, APA, or session ale, steam for brewing the best beers; should be controlled and measured as well. In our experience, ale and beer producers don’t always give the same attention to their steam system as they do to the process of brewing. The truth is they are experts on producing great beer, but often don’t know how best to control heat transfer. This is where specialist steam suppliers like ourselves come into our own; we can fill the gaps in their knowledge and aid in producing efficient dry steam that will improve the entire process. To continue reading this Blog on steam for brewing click read more or for more inforamtion on our products, contact our technical sales team.

Steam for Brewing our latest Project

In 2018 we have already assisted Vocation Brewery and their contractor in ensuring their new steam system would give them the efficiency they were looking for. We were initially approached by the contractor to assess the steam loads for their new brewing equipment. They already had a new Byworth steam boiler and the required vessels to increase production. What was missing was the pipework, valves, controls and steam traps to carry steam for brewing; what is really important, especially when you are investing your hard earned profits. Is the right system to ensure that efficient dry process steam is available for the right heat transfer!steam for brewing

Our mission on this project was to ensure that the steam for brewing produced in the Byworth Boiler was carried to where it was required at the right velocity; and that when it arrived at the process, the best possible steam dryness was achieved. We visited site with the contractor, paying attention to the steam loads and making a judgement on the steam and condense main size required. We looked at the placing of the vessels to be heated and the steam loads required for each one; in this case there were two Liquor vessels and one copper vessel. We also took into consideration the fact that they had purchased a steam boiler sized for future expansion.

Steam for Brewing a Hop in Time

So, what we did today had to be good for tomorrow and well into the future, the line end on this first project in steam here at Vocation was only the beginning. Prior to this we worked with another contractor in Buxton to assist in the completion of Brewery two at Buxton Brewery. Expanding ale and beer makers looking for steam for brewing the perfect pint; will find all they require here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd to install an efficient future.

The art of brewing is not a subject we can wax lyrical about, but controlled heat transfer to process vessels is definitely right up our street. In a competitive market, where energy is an expensive commodity; it is important that the energy required to complete a process is never wasteful. Producing steam from a boiler is the easy part of the process as it arrives as a package to do what’s specified. Steam distribution should be efficient and done correctly the first time. Cutting corners here will cost in the medium to long term; and your steam for brewing will never live up to your expectations.

Steam for Brewing Best Practice

Putting together a steam for brewing system that will ensure the best results for steam for brewing; can only be achieved by trusted steam contractors and suppliers. In my own experience working with process steam systems for the last three decades; has shown what can be achieved and what proves to be costly There are many businesses out there that will quote you prices for steam ancillaries and for their installation.

What should always occur to the purchaser is how many questions is this business asking me. For instance, you require a control valve and the first question is what size do you require. A normal question you might think, but with that have they asked you anything about the process itself; pipeline, size, steam pressure or the size of the heat exchanger. If the supplier is insisting you commit to the size of the control valve based say on just the line size of the feed to the heat exchanger, alarm bells should already be ringing.

Steam for Brewing the right Questions

Just based on the question, what size of control valve would you like; some of or all the following would occur to us here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) ltd:

  1. Steam pressure
  2. Line Size
  3. Heat Exchanger size
  4. Vessel being heated
  5. Process medium
  6. Temperature required
  7. Rate of temperature rise
  8. Coil or direct steam

If the business, you deal with doesn’t ask any questions next time you require process steam equipment; you should ask yourself. Does the business I am entrusting my steam supply equipment with, know what I need, or do they have any understanding of steam distribution. Process steam can be an energy efficient commodity, which can be dangerous and should only be installed by steam specialist contractors or engineers. Anything done by your local plumber or heating engineer; may not be to the standard required. This is because presteam for brewingsently there is not an official body or association at the heart of process steam; we hope that in the future this will change.

Steam for Brewing Conclusion

Brewers are masters of their craft and the growing brewing industry across the United Kingdom is testament to their art. Every city across the country has or is developing a Northern Quarter; community growing around many different types of businesses. But at the heart of these the growing micro pubs and breweries who are moving the old fashioned British Pub into the 21st Century. Manchester’s Northern Quarter businesses can contact Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) ltd on all aspects of steam for brewing. What we offer is a comprehensive service that assists in all aspects of achieving the right results from process steam; we look forward to them contacting us.