Steam Non Return Valves from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Steam non Return ValvesSteam non return valves need to be hard wearing and robust to operate in most modern low pressure process steam and condense systems. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd is pleased to offer SteamCheckValve a spring loaded BSP threaded non-return valve ideally suited for the purpose. SteamCheckValve steam non return valves are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel, spring loaded with metal to metal seating. This high quality valve is available in sizes from 8mm (¼”) to 100mm (4”) with a maximum working pressure of 63 bar (100°C) and a maximum working temperature of 240°C (53 bar). This means that for instance in the corrugated board industry

this valve is ideally suited for installation after steam traps on systems working right up to 17 bar steam. SteamCheckValve steam non return valves or check valves as they are also known are the must buy product at a price that is probably the most competitive in the industry at this moment in time; we have seen similar products sold at five times the price of SteamCheckValve for the same purpose, contact us to place an order or check stock availability.

Steam Non Return Valves Multiple Applications

SteamCheckValve steam non return valves can be used on multiple applications where a spring loaded non return valve is required; they can be installed vertically or horizontally replacing similar brass and bronze valves and still more competitively priced. This excellent product can be incorporated into stainless steel press systems by using adaptors and is an excellent choice when used on steam/water mixing valves as it can be installed as standard on the water and steam inlets and the only gasket contained in this valve is the PTFE body gasket. Metal to metal seating is suitable for many applications and the size of the valve allows for compact installation, for instance the 15mm (½”) SteamCheck steam non return valves are only 56mm long and weighs a minute 0.21Kg. For more information on this quality product get in touch with our sales team and note we can also offer a similar product for installation between flanges; we look forward to hearing from you. To purchase SteamCheckValves steam non return valves online please visit our E-Commerce site.

Steam Non Return Valves