Steam Stop Valves from Besseges, (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

The assurance of quality steam stop valves on process steam systems is a must in this modern safety conscious environment. The need for double block & bleed to ensure safe working on process steam plant and pipework means a greater requirement for confidence in the products we purchase. At Besseges, (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we can offer the solutions your business is looking for from Genebre and TLV for further information please contact our sales team or click the read more icon.

Steam Stop Valves from Besseges (Valve, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

Steam Stop Valves from TLV

The latest range of BE8H flanged PN16, PN25 and PN40 rated Bellows Sealed Stop Valves from TLV is available now through Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. We have been a distributor of TLV steam stop valves and other TLV products for over 14 years and have a wealth of product knowledge within our Sales Team gained through training and experience. This latest product range from TLV is available in cast iron, SG Iron and cast steel versions. We can offer a prompt delivery to anywhere on the UK Mainland via carrier or within Northwest England on our own transport. Please contact us also for the relevant mating flanges, pipework and fittings to install your valves. Other TLV steam stop valves available include the BE3L threaded bellows sealed stop valve. For all TLV process steam products as well as steam stop valves please contact us today for price and delivery.

Steam Stop Valves TLV

Steam Stop Valves from Genebre

We also offer a full range of Genebre steam stop valves including the Genebre ART 2231 bellows sealed stop valve and the ART 2025 and 2025HT steam rated ball valves. Follow this link to download the Genebre Industrial catalogue. The Genebre ART 2231 bellows sealed steam stop valve is manufactured in carbon steel GS-C25 (WCB) complete with stainless steel 304 bellow material and graphite gaskets and packing. This high quality valve is available from ½” (15mm) nominal bore to 8” (200mm) nominal bore flanged PN16 with a maximum working temperature of 350’C. You can be assured of a tight shut off and long working life from this Genebre bellows sealed steam stop valve. The ART 2025 316 Stainless Steel three piece Ball Valve and the ART 2025HT are available from ¼” (8mm) nominal bore to 4” (100mm) nominal bore. The standard valve ART 2025 is available with 15% graphite filled PTFE seats and seals covering a maximum temperature of 180’C or the ART 2025HT is available with 25% graphite filled PTFE seats and seals covering a maximum temperature of 260’C. These steam stop valves can be used for isolation of Steam and Condense lines and if required for surety when installing double block and bleed systems in conjunction with the ART 2231 Bellow Sealed Stop Valves. We can offer higher pressure steam ball valves to suit the requirements of PN25 and PN40 double block and bleed systems. Please contact us for more information and prices on this highly competitive and quality range of steam stop valves.

Steam Stop Valves Bellows Sealed Type

Steam Stop Valves Installation Ancillaries

Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd can offer all the above steam stop valves and the means to install the said items. We carry in stock a full range of pipe, fittings and flanges to suit all process steam and condense installations. We can also offer a full range of pipeline products to suit many other types of installations including for compressed air, water, chemical systems and leisure pool installations. Please contact us today for all your pipeline requirements.

Steam Stop Valve Installation Ancillaries