Steam System How Efficient is Yours?

Steam System The question is simple enough and the answer or answers are easily seen if you know what you are looking for. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are one of the region’s leading steam system specialist suppliers. We work with businesses that have large and small steam systems, many of these businesses have efficient steam boilers feeding an efficient steam system. In some cases if not many cases this is down to their relationship with our business and the steam system contractors we work with. If you would like to explore how we can improve your steam system, please contact our sales team or click read more to read more of this Blog.






Steam System Dirt Pockets

The placement of regular dirt pockets within a steam system is part of the key to process efficiency; in a perfect world dirt pockets, should be located around every 30 metres. The truth is in many cases we come across, dirt pockets are not considered to be important and listed are some of the issues.

  • Shallow Dirt Pockets Incorrect bore sizeSteam System
  • Not enough dirt pockets
  • Dirt pockets not installed on relay points
  • Line end dirt pockets not installed
  • Line end dirt pockets installed without air eliminators
  • Poor steam trap selection
  • Incorrect installation of Thermodynamic steam traps
  • Incorrect installation of Thermostatic steam traps
  • Non-return valves not installed
  • Dirt pocket drain valve not installed
  • On two occasions, no dirt pockets installed

The last one I saw on two sites in the Manchester area and both are proof that if the contractor installing your steam pipelines; knows nothing about process steam they shouldn’t be doing the job. In the case of one of these installations the steam system could not function and was altered by another experienced steam contractor. The other system was so dangerous I pointed out the flaws in their system and left site, the sounds of constant water hammer were deafening. The installation in this case was completed by a domestic plumber who treated the project like a domestic hot water system.

Steam System DIY

The quality of process steam installations varies greatly, some are poor due to businesses adding to an already struggling steam system. Many businesses do maintenance and installation in house and many of those do it well; but there are companies who have systems that to most look cobbled together. This has been achieved by individuals who often lack the understanding required to work with process steam; and rather than seek advice on best practice they plough on regardless.

Steam System

Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we don’t install steam systems but we do understand the complexities of them; and can work with customers to ensure best practice is followed and the end product achieves all that is required. Many poorly thought out installations achieve manufacturing goals but are they energy efficient and safe. By not paying attention to correct pipe sizing, plant may run but never to its full capacity; we look at a steam system with a new perspective and sometimes we see what might have been missed.

Steam System Efficiency

Steam System

To put our business in to perspective, we aren’t consultants or designers but; our understanding of a process steam system and how it is put together has been useful to many businesses. We have worked with businesses large and small and achieved improvements in process efficiency, reducing energy costs; and given valuable information on installing the products we provide. In addition, working with our colleagues at TLV UK we can offer the extra services they provide including their excellent design team; who we already work very closely with. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your steam system, please contact us and we will offer all the assistance possible; we look forward to hearing from you.