Steam Trap Survey the path to lower energy costs

Not all process steam leaks are visible, but visible or not they are certainly costly and if they are ignored the hidden costs are far greater than you realise. Even in this time of improved energy efficiency and the words global warming constantly discussed across all Medias not all businesses have looked at what a simple steam trap survey can do to improve their steam systems beyond all recognition. A single leaking steam trap found on a steam trap survey replaced or repaired can cover the cost of an entire on-site steam trap survey or if the steam trap is blocked, greatly improve heat transfer efficiency on your processes. So if you haven’t considered arranging a steam trap survey for your site please contact us and take the time to continue reading this Blog to look at what survey would suit your business.

steam trap survey Trapman

Steam Trap Survey TLV Trapman

A Trapman steam trap survey performed by TLV can give your business the answers you’re looking for, not only will this excellent device record the performance of all your steam traps, it will once the data has been collated provide you with the cost of each leak based on your own cost of steam figures. The completed leak report provided by a TLV Trapman steam trap survey, will high-light the largest leaks so your business can prioritise maintenance requirements. A steam trap survey using Trapman by TLV allows the operator to record trap type, size and type of connection, operating pressure and operating status. Once this data has created on the first survey and downloaded into the TrapManager, for future surveys the inspection route is determined in advance and the once a steam trap is tested the next trap is automatically selected and appears on the Trapman display. At the end of a survey the data collected is downloaded into the TrapManager system and a final report can be presented in a number of ways depending on the requirements of your business. A certainty is that each leak small or large is recorded and presented within the final report and a list of leaking traps is with the monetary value provided as previously stated. Once your business embarks on a steam trap survey we believe that an annual survey will be a priority ensuring that year on year the performance of your process steam system will always improve and reduced energy costs achieved. For more information or to book a steam trap survey please contact us.

steam trap survey Trapmanager

Steam Trap Survey Pocket Trapman

This is a steam trap survey your business can do in-house; the Pocket Trapman is an ultrasound device that records simultaneous ultrasonic and temperature readings that allows basic operational judgement on steam traps, valves and bearings. Each test takes usually less than a minute to complete and the device then gives instantaneous results on steam traps and valves, for the testing of bearings a longer view is required. When testing steam traps on an in-house steam trap survey the Pocket Trapman  can provide one of four outcomes, they are Good, Caution, Leaking or Blocked. The results really speak for themselves and provide your business with a maintenance path to follow after each steam trap survey. Regular timed steam trap surveys can provide invaluable information about the performance of your process steam system and individual steam processes, our work using this device for a well-known corrugating plant has provided them with an increased overview of their steam system allowing them to cut steam and production costs. To arrange a demonstration of the Pocket Trapman please contact us and we will arrange to do this for you or via our colleagues at TLV. In addition if you have any process steam issues or concerns we are always available to help if we can.

steam trap survey pocket trapman