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Steel Handrail Fastclamp Quality Assured

Steel handrail can be found in many forms but the simplest in our opinion is steel handrail from Fastclamp. This versatile product can produce basic street furniture handrail to protect the public from busy town centre traffic or ensure that crossing are used by placing steel handrail from Fastclamp either side. If you just look around your everyday environment you will see examples of Fastclamp handrail; Supermarket car parks for shopping trolley bays, Guardrails preventing the public crossing tram lines and A-Road and Motorway embankments. To see how easy Fastclamp steel handrail is to put together please follow the link to our YouTube channel to watch the latest product video. For more information on this or any other pipeline products contact us or click read more for more on Fastclamp.

Steel Handrail

Steel Handrail Fastclamp Guide

The Fastclamp guide is an excellent download and as well as showing great examples of how this product can be used to build safety handrail and steel handrail structures. The guide contains a full product list and application guidelines including vertical strut load capacities and horizontal tube load capacities; it also lists information on DDA installations for disabled steel handrail, guardrail installations and roof edge protection installations. You can view or download the  Fastclamp guide by clicking the high-lighted link or contact our sales team and they will email a copy or arrange for one of our representatives to drop in a hard copy at your convenience.

Steel Handrail

Steel Handrail Fastclamp Possibilities

As we have stated in many different ways over the Blogs we have written on the subject of Fastclamp steel handrail the structures that can be built are varied and new uses are just waiting to be tried. We have seen pub furniture, garden furniture, beds and clothing racks built from this and similar products. In the farming industry cowsheds are sectioned using Fastclamp, the same for stabling for horses and if you’re fed up of jumpers for goal posts you can build a full size version in your garden at home. Just to add to the possibilities we can provide in many cases powder coated fittings and tube to match; this obviously comes at an extra cost but all we require is the RAL number for the colour you want. So no matter what you want to build from steel handrail fittings and tube to BS EN 10255:2004 we can provide you with the product required. So whether you are a member of the local council, a volunteer at a sports club or an individual looking to be creative contact us and we will provide the product and technical support you need. This product is also available from our online shop www.valvestubesfittings.com.

Steel Handrail

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