Steel Pipe Fittings from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

We have been a distributor of steel pipe fittings for over 25 years, offering high quality products for threaded and welded pipe systems covering many standards. This latest Blog post on steel pipe fittings will discuss what we can offer and will include details of the relevant worldwide standard codes associated with the steel pipe fittings. So for more information on steel pipe fittings threaded or welded please continue to read this Blog by clicking the read more icon or by contacting our excellent sales team.

Steel Pipe Fittings to BS EN 10241:2000 (BS1740-1:1971)

Steel Pipe Fittings Threaded to BS EN 10241:2000

This range of steel pipe fittings have been given various descriptions in the past and are better known as wrought iron fittings, but have also been described as black steel pipe fittings, heavy steel pipe fittings and for some products covered in this range BS1387 steel pipe fittings. However you refer to this product range the correct standard now is steel pipe fittings to BS EN 10241:2000, which covers all the fittings in this range including the standard elbows, tees, unions and sockets, but also included are all the products previously referred to under BS1387:1985 such as bends, barrel nipples and long screws. The previous standard covering steel pipe fittings was BS1740:1971 which was withdrawn in July 2000. Depending on the specification and bore size of the pipe used on installation most of these products will cover a working pressure of up to 25 bar and are available in plain or galvanised versions. For more information on this range of steel pipe fittings including dimensions, price and stock availability please contact our sales team.

Steel Pipe Fittings BS EN 10241:2000

Steel Pipe Fittings Welded to ASME B16.9:2012

This versatile range of welded steel pipe fittings offers the absolute assurance of quality and traceability. For the curious the ASME standards are created by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers which was founded in 1880 who are members of ANSI The American National Standards Institute founded in 1918. Welded steel pipe fittings manufactured to this standard are available from stock here at Besseges (VTF) Ltd in sizes from 15mm nominal bore to 400mm nominal bore with larger sizes available to order. Full 3.1b test certificates are also available with all products within this standard and can be supplied at the time of order, please contact us today to discuss your requirements or to arrange delivery to your site. For Dimensions on welded steel pipe fittings to ASME B16.9:2012 please click the highlighted link to view or download this data.

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Steel Pipe Fittings Welded to BS EN 10253-2:2007 (BS1965:1963)

This range of steel pipe fittings welded BS EN 10253-2:2007 was previously BS1965:1963 the British equivalent to the ASME B16.9 welded steel pipe fittings. These fittings are manufactured to suit imperial British sizes and have always been available in medium and heavy weight varieties. The two main sizes where these differ from their American cousins are in 65mm nominal bore where the outside diameter is 76.1mm and 150mm nominal bore where the outside diameter is 165.1mm. In ASME the outside diameters are 73mm and 168.3mm respectively. Although these welded steel pipe fittings are not specified as frequently as other ranges we can still offer some stock availability and short deliveries on many sizes and types, including elbows, tees, reducers and branch bends. So please contact us today for more information or to arrange delivery. No matter what steel pipe fittings your business requires Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd can offer the solution you’re looking for.

Steel Pipe Fittings BS EN 10253-2:2007

Steel Pipe Fittings Tube & Pipe

Each range of steel pipe fittings offered can be supplied with the relevant standard of pipe or tube product required including BS EN 10255:2004 in medium and heavy weight and ASTM A106 grade B hot finished seamless to name but a few, for other materials please visit our products page by following the high-lighted link.

Steel Pipe Fittings BS EN 10255 Tube Red Primered