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Welded Steel Pipe BS EN 10255:2004

¬† Welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004 is available in a number of finishes, these being red primer, galvanised and self-colour, in days gone by before red primer tube was widely used it was also available in black varnished and was known as BS1387. The majority of welded steel pipe BS EN 10255:2004 is available […]

BS EN 10255 Tube a Potted History.

Tube to BS EN 10255:2004 was previously to BS1387:1985 but before that it started life as BS789 in February 1938 which was revised in October 1940 to BS789A as a war emergency update. Then the 1947 revision became BS1387:1947 and was revised in 1957, 1967 and 1985 and remained a British Standard until 2004 when […]

EN331 Brass Ball Valves from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

For all the businesses that require or install ball valves on gas systems we offer the Lyne T4 EN331 Brass Ball Valve from stock. This EN331 Brass Ball Valveis¬†unlike many other similar ball valves available, this a full bore BSP taper threaded version offering a high quality seal and features an anti blow-out stem. In […]