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TLV COS-R Pressure Reducing Valves for Steam

There are many types and manufacturers of pressure reducing valve but in our opinion there are none to match the efficiency and quality of the TLV COS-R pressure reducing valves range. This high quality innovatively designed product offers a long life, easy maintenance and excellent control characteristics. TLV have been leaders in innovation in process […]

Steam Isolation Valves what are my options?

When looking for steam isolation valves there are many options and continuing our Blogs on process steam is always a boon for myself as the author. As one of the North of England’s leading distributors of process steam ancillaries we believe we will always be able to offer the right valve quality at the right […]

Steam Trap Survey the path to lower energy costs

Not all process steam leaks are visible, but visible or not they are certainly costly and if they are ignored the hidden costs are far greater than you realise. Even in this time of improved energy efficiency and the words global warming constantly discussed across all Medias not all businesses have looked at what a […]

Process Steam Efficiency the second Blog

This will be the second in our mini-series of process steam efficiency blogs where we will continue to discuss how to improve your steam system and process steam efficiency. One of the biggest issues I come across personally working with many customers on process steam is the fact that over the years many businesses have […]

TLV Steam Trap from Besseges (VTF) Ltd

Since 1999 Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd has been a TLV Steam Trap and ancillary products distributor. We have a fully trained sales team with an excellent knowledge of steam traps and process steam valve requirements. In truth we tend to aid small to medium process steam users with all their system needs which […]

Steam Trap Selection for Process and Heating Installations

When selecting a steam trap for a particular process many businesses will look at the price rather than the specific product they are buying and on the face of it those companies will have saved some money on the initial cost. Equally in some cases the business is given poor advice by suppliers who frankly […]

Steam Stop Valves from Besseges, (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

The assurance of quality steam stop valves on process steam systems is a must in this modern safety conscious environment. The need for double block & bleed to ensure safe working on process steam plant and pipework means a greater requirement for confidence in the products we purchase. At Besseges, (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd we can […]

Steam Traps & Dirt Pockets, the solution to better quality steam.

As a business we are heavily involved in discussing with our customers the best use of some of our products in relation to their steam systems. We supply many process steam related products and in particular are an official TLV steam products distributor. Process steam efficiency can be a very involved process and ensuring the […]

The Hidden Cost of Leaking Steam Traps

Is your Steam System running the way you would want it to or are your Steam Traps failing to due to age or poor trap choice. These are the kind of questions that all businesses should be asking in the current climate. The problem with leaking Steam Traps is you can’t see the leaks, there […]