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TLV Steam Products from Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

We are pleased to inform all our process steam customers that we have increased our stock of TLV steam products, included are the latest stainless steel free float steam traps for process and line drain applications and better still in some ranges and sizes these are now sold at the SG-Iron price. Other products include pressure reducing valves, pumping traps and condense pumps. For full details on all Besseges can offer in TLV material please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and if you aren’t sure what product will suit your process needs talk to our technical team today. Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are one of the nation’s leading process steam specialist supplier’s offering not only the excellent range of TLV steam products but pipework, valves and fittings to complete any process steam installation. To find out more about all we can offer in TLV steam products please continue to read this Blog by clicking read more or contact our excellent sales team.

TLV Steam Products

TLV Steam Products Stainless Steel Free Float Steam Traps

The majority of process steam applications only require one type of steam trap; the TLV free float steam trap will serve most of your process needs. This highly efficient steam trap is available for process and line drain applications and for the last 16 years our business has worked with many companies to improve their process steam outcomes using this range of TLV steam products. For instance working with businesses whose systems have shallow dirt pockets we have improved start up efficiency and reduced instances of water hammer damage across a number of process steam systems. This has been achieved by supplying TLV free float steam traps such as the SS1 and SS5 range of steam traps. For more information on how this product can improve your steam system please contact our sales team discuss your requirements and where possible to arrange a site visit so we can aid your business in selecting the right product for your TLV steam product solutions.

TLV Steam Products

TLV® Steam Products Pressure Reducing Valves

For your pressure reducing needs we have a number of TLV steam products, they include for lower capacity applications the TLV DR20 range, a direct acting pressure reducing valve with a built in strainer and for slightly higher capacity applications we can offer the SCOSR-16 in bronze. For bigger process applications there are the COSR range of pressure reducing valves available in cast iron, ductile cast iron and stainless steel with operating pressures of up to 21 bar. If your business is looking to increase heat transfer efficiency to any process steam application then the TLV steam product your looking for is the COSPECT range of pressure reducing valves which come complete with built in strainer, cyclone separator and free float steam trap. Using this particular product can increase heat transfer efficiency by up to 9% and at the same time offers space saving installation that cannot be matched by any other product. For sizing information or just to discuss your application please contact our technical team today.

TLV Steam Products

TLV® Steam Products Condense Recovery

We can offer a number of solutions to increase condense recovery which can greatly reduce your energy costs and lead to better outcomes where your carbon footprint is concerned. TLV steam products include an excellent range of condense pumps which can be supplied to replace existing condense recovery applications including obsolete Spirax Sarco equipment such as Ogden Pumps. We have already replaced a number of Spirax Sarco Ogden Pumps at two of the regions Hospitals which have proven to be a great success. We can on occasion provide condense pumps for period of time on trial subject to TLV terms and conditions. This can also apply to other TLV products please contact us to discuss this or any process steam requirements. To download the relevant literature on any TLV steam products please click the highlighted link to visit the TLV Website where you will find all the information you require including data sheets and installation manuals. Because of the way TLV Condense Pumps are designed servicing the product is simple as the cove dome can be easily removed which exposes all the working parts of the unit and generally the purchase of gasket kits is not necessary as each pump in fact all TLV steam products have inbuilt Teflon gaskets and not the fibrous gaskets often associated with process steam products from other manufacturers. Many other process steam manufacturers rely on the constant supply of spares to sustain their businesses where TLV has the mark of quality that has businesses returning again and again for projects across the United Kingdom and the World. So whatever TLV steam products your business is looking for Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd can provide all you need and the advantage of product understanding not often associated with other distributors or manufacturers so please contact us today.

TLV Steam Products