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Since 1999 Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd has been a TLV Steam Trap and ancillary products distributor. We have a fully trained sales team with an excellent knowledge of steam traps and process steam valve requirements. In truth we tend to aid small to medium process steam users with all their system needs which covers TLV steam products, condensate recovery, pressure reduction, control valves and day to day issues associated with process steam which we will discuss in greater detail later in this Blog and other Blogs we have done in the recent past. So whatever your steam requirements are please contact us to discuss them, if you require a replacement TLV Steam Trap or any other make such as Spirax Sarco, Gestra, Armstrong or other manufacturers we can offer a TLV equivalent for your requirements. For more information on all our process steam products please contact us or click the read more icon to continue reading this Blog.

TLV Steam Trap Free Float Line Drain

TLV Steam Trap Float Type

TLV Steam Trap float types are unique from other manufacturers in the fact that they offer a Free Float© Steam Trap suitable for many process steam applications. This versatile TLV steam trap can be used on heating coils, roller dryers, corrugating plants, plate pack heat exchangers, line drains and many other applications. For TLV Free Float© Line Drain Steam Traps please contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements as this particular TLV Steam Trap solves many issues on old and new process steam systems in our experience. For process steam trapping this product range offers long term solutions to most issues, ensuring efficient heat transfer and a long service life due to its unique design and the added advantage of very efficient air removal across the range which on the larger TLV Steam Traps includes bi-metal air removal for hot and cold air. The bi-metal air removal product does also ensure rapid air removal on start-up bringing increased process efficiency in less time than other equivalent steam traps.

TLV Steam Trap Free Float Process

TLV Steam Trap Thermodynamic Type

The thermodynamic steam trap from TLV is another uniquely manufactured innovative process steam product. This excellent design includes Bi metal air release in the form of a bi metal ring which allows air to be expelled rapidly on start-up preventing air binding a common problem with thermodynamic steam traps. In addition the working parts of this steam trap are in capsule form so can be easily replaced when required. The TLV P46SRN Thermodynamic steam trap is of carbon steel or stainless steel construction, can be used up to 46 bar working pressure and comes complete with an air jacket which insulates this versatile steam trap from harsh operating conditions. The maximum discharge capacity of this steam trap is 750Kg/Hr and maximum temperature is 400°C. For more information on this and all the TLV steam traps we offer please contact our sales team for prices and or data sheets. Plus by clicking the following link you can visit the TLV Website and download any information required.

TLV Steam Trap P46SRN Thermodynamic type

TLV Steam Trap Thermostatic Type

Thermostatic steam traps from TLV come in two forms the balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap and the bi-metal thermostatic steam trap. The principal of the operation of a balanced pressure thermostatic steam trap is the difference in temperature between steam and condense which is sensed by a thermo liquid filled X element, what is unique to the X element is the fact that it fails open preventing condense logging of your equipment. The X element discharges hot air and cold condensate on start-up encouraging the inflow of process steam therefore reducing start-up times. Careful installation of this type of steam trap should be adhered to, it is normal for a 2 metre cooling leg be allowed for on most installations. Please discuss your installation with us for advice on the right steam trap to install and steam trap sizing issues. Where possible a site visit can be arranged to resolve any issues your business may have. In the case of the TLV thermostatic steam trap bi metal type; this unit is a temperature control steam trap with an operating pressure of 1 to 46 bar and a maximum operating temperature of 350°C. The TLV LEX3N-TZ stainless steel temperature control thermostatic steam trap has a bi metal element for temperature sensing and the user can set the condense discharge temperature. Once the discharge temperature is set which can be done in situ, the LEX3N-TZ will discharge condense at the desired temperature below the saturation temperature of steam. This steam trap is of particular use on low points on steam systems where condense can collect after boiler shutdown which if not drained causes severe water hammer issues on boiler start-up. Please contact us for more information on how this and other TLV steam traps can improve your steam system. Any TLV steam trap can offer the following features; improved productivity, energy conservation, long service life and easy maintenance. For more information please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

TLV Steam Trap Thermostatic Type

For information on all the process steam products we can offer please contact us by clicking any of the high-lighted contact us icons found throughout this Blog where you can also discuss requirements for TLV traps for compressed air systems or any of the TLV range of process steam products. Further reading can be found in other Blogs on process steam systems including details on stop valves, we can also provide relevant information on Double Block and Bleed stop valves requirements. To open an account with us please click the high-lighted link and fill in the form with your details, we look forward to discussing all your valve & pipeline requirements.

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