Valves and Pipeline Suppliers Questions Answered

There are many types of valves and pipeline suppliers, from your High Street plumbers merchant to the big industrial valve and pipeline suppliers. These businesses and those in between offer industry and the public many different options; add to this the online suppliers and choice is better than it’s ever been. What is worth considering is the knowledge and understanding valves and pipeline suppliers can impart to their customers.

Valves and Pipeline Suppliers

Whether you buy online or over a trade counter these days, there is always a catalogue available; with part numbers to be given to the staff of input on a screen. The next paragraphs will explore the fact that to many of those taking your orders, the part number is as much as they know about the product you are buying.

Valves and Pipeline Suppliers Questions & Answers

For many years I visited a small plumbers merchant in Oldham run by an ex plumber by the name of Derek. He typified how things were in the valve and pipeline industry in the past. Derek’s counter was littered with brochures from various plumbing factors and manufacturers; with information from pipe clips to bath taps and more. The fact is whatever the question was, especially concerning plumbing he could answer it. When the issue was outside his normal experience he had a network of supplier representatives he could contact. They would have the information required, something that improved greatly when mobile phones became the norm.Valves and Pipeline Suppliers

So, whether Derek had a plumber or a member of the public in front of him, that person would feel confident about what they were trying to achieve. Add to this his unique personality and friendly banter and you had the best in valves and pipeline suppliers. Sadly, the industry no longer possesses the required knowledge in abundance and worse, individuals like Derek are a rarity. This doesn’t just apply to the plumbing and heating merchants but right across the pipeline industry; merchants rely on catalogues.


So, when a customer stands in front of a trade counter and is greeted by a picker who can operate a PC, that person must know exactly what they need. If they don’t who do you ask, the individual pushing a catalogue under your nose wants you to tell them part number or size and type of valve or fittings. What they don’t want you to do is say this is what I am trying to achieve, how can it be done.

Valves and Pipeline Suppliers Questions Answered.

Here at Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and, however a customer asks the question; we will do all we can to answer it. Whether the contact is face to face on our trade counter, on the telephone or electronically. As leading valves and pipeline suppliers we have the product knowledge to answer, “how can it be done”. It is something our technical sales team do daily, as not every end user or contractor knows exactly what they need.Valves and Pipeline Suppliers

Our team are often presented with questions on pressure, temperature and medium, for valves and pipeline products. These can cover anything from compressed air, water, oil, gas or process steam. Sometimes the enquiries are way out of the norm, a recent quote involved heating compressed air to over 200°C; another was for controls on a vessel to test product with multiple steam pressures as high as 26 bar. Whatever the problem we will do all we can to provide the correct information, this often includes working with product manufacturers to provide a solution.

For the vast majority of time we are one of the Northwest’s leading valves and pipeline suppliers; offering simple solutions to a whole range of customer questions. We are pleased to help any business in the UK or across the World Wide Web. For more information on our products you can visit us at our E-Commerce site or As you have already found our Blog page, you will find a great deal of information on many different products, including; malleable iron, steam traps, pressure reducing valves and so much more.

Valves and Pipeline Suppliers Who are our Manufacturers

We are distributors for many Factors and Manufacturers and are extremely happy to acknowledge our long relationship with Genebre; having been one of their leading distributors for over a decade. Genebre products cover a wide range including ball valves, gate valves, non-return valves, butterfly valves, control valves and inline strainers. This high-quality range of products are available in brass, bronze, carbon and stainless steel. For more information contact our sales team or visit our ecommerce site via the previous link.


One of our leading manufacturers is TLV and we have been an authorised distributor since 1999. In that time, most of our sales team have attended training courses at their European HQ in Waibstadt Germany; learning a great deal about process steam products. Here in Ashton under Lyne we carry a wide range of TLV steam traps, pressure reducing valves, condense pumps and ancillaries. Our technical sales team have a great knowledge base and understanding of steam systems. We can work with customers on issues such as water hammer, low process temperatures and steam locking to name a few, let us know one of the North’s leading valves and pipeline suppliers can help your business.Valves and Pipeline Suppliers

We could talk a great deal about every manufacture we work with, but I believe most would then use this Blog to send them to sleep. So, whatever the pipeline product you are looking for, we can offer a solution. For more information on M-Press, Fastclamp, Caddy, Jinan Meide, Cayirova Boru San, Borusan Mannesmann and Albion; talk to our sales team.