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Having now written around 200 Blogs on the subjects associated with a valves tubes and fittings supplier; I have to say I cannot be sure that the task can take anymore material. We are an amazing business with excellent staff and a forward looking management team. I am very proud to be part of that management team having been part of the process that has grown our business into what it is today. The truth is though, what makes our company the excellent business that it is; are all the people that are Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd.Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier Sales 

Our people are what makes the business tick as a leading valves tubes fittings supplier, the heart of every business are its staff. For the customers that use the telephone and emails, their first point of contact are the internal sales team. The current sales team are Mark, Stuart and Ryan; and they are beavering away Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Order processing is a small part of the work they do every day; ensuring an order is complete is another task and of course providing prices for our customers.

The procedures we follow are laValves Tubes Fittings Supplierid down in our ISO 9001:2015 schedule. These requirements have been written into the core of our systems by an independent consultant. Adhering to these procedures ensures the smooth running of our sales department; and of course when they arise it covers our complaints and recording procedures. When an order is received, the required items are entered onto our Advensys system and once this is complete. The order is printed off on the printer located in our warehouse.

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier Warehouse

Its is now the job of our warehousing team to pick and pack the orders received on the printer. For those that visit our trade counter on a regular basis, the following people will be familiar to you. For those that don’t know them our warehouse team are David, Chris, Danny and Lee. These fine individuals for the majority of time pack the orders, record the certification numbers on the material. Following this they then load the material bagged, boxed and bundled onto one of our three delivery vehicles.

Next, we have our drivers who will then deliver your requirements across the region, driving our HGVs are Chris and Mark; and driving the smaller pickup is Lee from our warehouse team. As long as the Sales and Warehouse team have completed their tasks correctly, the customer will then see the level of service associated with a good valves tubes fittings supplier. Occasionally things do go wrong, and the task is then to ensure that if an error has been made. We put it right as quickly as possible and with the least inconvenience to our customer.

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier

Double Block and Bleed Bellow Sealed Stop Valves

I know I have simplified the plot a little in in what each of our core teams do to achieve your deliveries; at the right price and on time. But if I went through every job these individuals do, I would be writing a novel on a valves tubes fittings supplier; and not a Blog piece. It is simple enough to say that we have fined tuned our procedures to reduce delivery errors and record them correctly; so we can see particular trends developing. With this we can and do then develop training for staff where issues arise or take alternative actions to improve our service.

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier Test Certificates

So, the story so far has been all about orders and how as a valves tubes fittings supplier we get the product out of the door and to our customers. Following this we have our excellent support team in test certification and accounts. Once an order has been picked and packed the certificate numbers are recorded. The notes with the recorded certificate numbers are then passed onto our office upstairs; where each required certificate is then provided for the customer.

The person doing this vital job prefers to remain anonymous to our customer base, where our Blogs and Newsletters are concerned. So we will respect this member of staff’s wishes and not mention this person by name. All we can say is that without the efficient endeavours of this individual in so many roles, our service would not be quite what it is presently. Next time you open a bag full of flanges and welding fittings, consider how many people were involved in the delivery of those products.

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier Accounts

What comes next is often not the favourite department of our business, but we offer a great service and to maintain it. Payments are required within the specified credit terms we offer, and this is where our accounts department get involved. Now we are back to our anonymous core person and of course our Managing Director Marie. These two excellent people work out credits, pricing errors if this happens (quite a rare event) and then send out the invoices.Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier

A month later in most cases, it is time to pay your account and our system of organising this is straight forward. A phone call to confirm we are on the same page on what’s due to be paid and then before the 7th of the following month we hope to find your payments have entered our bank account; or at least we have the cheque you sent us, hopefully with a First Class Stamp. Following this the whole process starts again, its really a perpetual process; constantly overlapping.

In conclusion if all the goods go out on time and all the payments for our goods and services are received. Everything runs relatively smoothly unless of course we don’t receive every payment on time. In these instances our stop list comes into being, a list that is produced and activated automatically by our Advensys System. The same system that provided the means to enter a quote, produce an order and a picklist. Then a despatch note and finally invoices and Statements from your valves tubes fittings supplier to complete the process.

Valves Tubes Fittings Supplier don’ be late

Once you have reached the exulted position of joining our monthly stop list, your business is under the scrutiny of credit control. Their phone calls and emails are there to cajole you into paying, if a little bit late. We always hope that this is done without having to resort to sending you the email. You know the one, the email that suggests we will have to place the account for collection if you don’t respond to our emails and phone calls.

We know as an experienced valves tubes fittings supplier that businesses occasionally have moments of cashflow issues and talking to our accounts team usually avePress Fittingsrts any issues; and even the email being sent. We definitely know how some contractors are treated by their customers where payment terms are concerned. For this reason we feel it is always the best policy to communicate with our accounts department; especially when you are already aware that a payment will be later than first expected.

From all that I have written you can see the story of your orders from the day we receive them to receipt of payment. Our Staff and Directors are a dedicated set of people, committed to quality and service. As a valves tubes fittings supplier our business has grown year on year since 1988; with many of the people currently working for it having been here pretty much from the beginning. We have a proud record in business and if your product search has brought you to this Blog; contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.